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Weird armpit pain..any ideas???

I am 31, and I too am having these weird pains, mine are on the right side under my armpit/ side of my breast area, 3 mornings ago, after doing nothing strenuous the day before, I got out of bed and as soon as I was standing upright I had this (nails on a chalkboard) kind of pain in my armpit, as I gasped for air I instinctively  grabbed the area and began rubbing the area, but couldn't locate the pain??? after a few minutes of confusion, (did I really just feel that pain) I proceed to the bathroom, after the first couple of steps that intense pain hit again, and again I instinctively grabbed for the area, after a few minutes of poking and rubbing to locate the area..(while my hubby stared at me wondering what type of crazy boob rubbing fit I was having) I still couldn't locate the area causing the pain, I have had swollen lymph noid in my neck when I was younger, and upon searching the neck there was NO question wear the pain was coming from, it was easily felt and found with fingers.  BUT this armpit pain feels like someone pushing on a really bad burise, that I can't seem to find, upon further inspection there is no discoloring, no pain location when touched, pain is sporadic, BRA doesn't bother area, but from time to time my arm brushing the area will send me in cringing pain, and weird.. to top it off if I am still or in a resting position for a long period of time, such as sleeping (no PAIN) until I get up?!?!  I don't really have a stressful life, some would say my life is stressful, but I don't think I am STRESSED...this is day three of the pain yesterday and today is more of the same....the worst pain is that initial movement from a resting position.....ANY info you can give to help will be GREATLY appreciated....thank you
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Hey :-) this is probably not what is wrong w you, but it can't hurt to try: swich deodorant. I know it sounds crazy. When I was in highschool I had pain in my armpit (just one of them, can't remember witch...). I went to the doctor and they told me to switch deodorant. I did and it went away.
Best wishes.
Possible cause could be cervical radiculopathy (injured, protruding herniated neck disc causing nerve pain) Either contact neurologist, pain specialist, physiatrist, or neurosurgeon. ALbertPA
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Hello Apewill,

I am so sorry for my tardy response. I have been out of town. I am glad that you posted and am wondering how you are doing.

Have you seem your PCP regarding the Axillary region (arm pit)? There are so many reasons for this type of pain. One can be from just pulling a muscle in the area. There are muscles in the upper arm from which pain can radiate down into the axillary. Even pain from the pectoral muscle or rib cage can find its way into the armpit area.

There are some serious causes for this type of pain also. In my opinion if you are still having this pain you should consult your PCP.

Please let us know how you are doing. I wish you the very best.

Take Care,
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Thank You for your response, I couldn't handle the pain shortly after writing my post....so I went to the doctor, where she found a lump, (which of coarse I am panicking over) I go to a specialist on 4-8-10, to find out what it is, and what were to do about it..

XXfingers crossedXX

Thanks again

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I am having the exact same issue as you all the way to the T, you left nothing out. So what did the doctors say
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Hello Apewill,

I saw on your profile page, "It's not cancer." Wonderful News!!!

I left you a note and we are wondering what you discoverd and how you are doing. I hope you will update us.

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I am hopeful and happy I found this post.  About a week ago I had a massage and my masseuse aggressively rubbed my pectoral muscles and all through my armpit.  That night I was going to sleep and I noticedy upper right breast near my armpit was sore.  The next morning I was still really sore do I felt around the area and I I felt a large swollen lump(lymph) I assume.  Although the pain has somewhat subsided...it still is swollen and a bit tender in that area...across my pec and seems to even be bothering my lat.  I am sure I need to go see a doctor but I really feel like this was due to the massage...it was so bad I got my money back.  Has anyone ever heard of tissue damage like this?
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The swollen sudden knot near my upper breast/armpit after the massage is concerning.  And I do not remember ever feeling it before.
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