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What can I do from home for my neck/back/arm pain?

Nutshell: tried doing a backflip on a trampoline, landed on my face, hurt my neck real bad (right side). Got a little better with some massaging and heat over the span of a week. Got back on the trampoline a week later, did literally the same exact thing. Learned my lesson.

The pain is slowly retreating, but I'd like to nix it completely. Here's how it feels:
When I bend my head down, my neck hurts, around towards my shoulder and extending into my upper back about six inches. This pain becomes more acute when I bend my head down and to the left. Sometimes when I lay on my right side or lift my right shoulder up toward my head, I get a tight pain in my armpit that extends a bit down toward my hand.

The best relief I've found comes from this stretch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLAOxIHK5ko

However, the relief is temporary. Anything else I can do? I'm just worried that stretching alone won't be enough to get rid of the pain for good.
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I agree- given the location and two accidents effecting the same area twice- it would be wise to check with your primary at the very least for X-rays. They may determine whether or not there is a need for further evaluation.
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Oh my.  You could have herniated a disc or worse, fractured one.  Those were two serious accidents you had.  If the first one caused a minor injury, the second one would surely have made it worse.  

You don't say how long ago this happened or if you've seen a Dr, but it sounds like you haven't.  You also sound relatively young (just from reading you trying a back flip on a trampoline is something I *might* have done 45 yrs ago!), and may not understand how a neck injury can be life changing if not properly diagnosed.  

If I were you I wouldn't mess around - have your Dr refer you for xrays at the Very Least, and I mean at the VERY LEAST.  
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