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What can I do to alleviate pain in right thigh/sciatic pain?

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for over 2 years( I am on my 3rd one and I really like him... the first one wasn’t doing anything for me, the second one was too far of a drive so I have one closer).. anyway.. I first started going for sciatic pain in my lower back which extended to either leg. For some reason I am not aligned correctly meaning one hip is higher than the other. My pain varies from side to side. But mostly on my right side. The sciatic pain has been better but it still sneaks up on me every now and again. My most recent complaint however is my right outer thigh like the right thigh mid area feels like a big bruise or knot or something. My right knee also hurts from time to time.  It hurts when I sit, which sometimes also makes my knee hurt also. I first had this pain in mid May before we went on vacation and all through vacation we walked a lot so the pain wasn’t as bad. When I got home the chiropractor adjusted me and it went away and now it’s just constantly there. I use biofreeze and it helps a little bit.
Last time I went to chiropractor he gave me adjustment and also used pulsated magnetic therapy on my low low back for 10 minutes. It was strange. But this damn pain in the thigh remains. Sometimes it hurts when I’m walking, it definitely hurts when I’m standing. It hurts when I’m sitting, especially driving my car. Idk what to do about this. Anyone have suggestions? Luckily my chiropractor office has many different types of therapies to help with pain and whatnot so next time I go I’m going to ask other alternatives. Oh and I also work as a caregiver in assisted living so I’m constantly going up and down stairs and transferring residents( I am actively seeking a new job because this job has been wear and tear on my body and it’s only getting worse).

I have done some stretches my chiropractor has suggested and it worked at first but now some of them hurt so bad or don’t do anything. Please help!
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I have been on Gabapentin for sciatic/nerve issues and it's changed my quality of life.  Had a spinal fusion @ Mayo Clinic back in 1982 and as of the past 5-6 years have had an issue with numbness, nerve pain down my right leg and into my foot (L4-L5) impingement.  It no longer flairs up, since the Gabapentin Rx.  I'm on 300mg/3 x/day and it's been a game changer.  Best of luck to you.  Mayo Clinic figured it out, was @ Cleveland Clinic and UPMC prior, but Mayo Clinic was worth the trip for sure.    
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I had sciatica pain.  The best recommendation I had was to stretch.  Lots of stretching.  This helped release the pinched nerve causing it.  Alternating ice and heating pad can also help.  The person that I found best to help with sciatica was a physical therapist.  I've had that pulsating therapy you describe at a chiropractor too. It definitely is weird, isn't it?  I am not sure it ever helped. My chiro also did ice therapy.  When he told me about it, I was like no way. But it did seem to have a positive effect.  It pretty much is exactly as it sounds, icing the area thoroughly.

I see you have tried some stretching.  But I'd keep at it.  And if it is still hurting, see a doctor.
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Have you consulted with a board certified spine surgeon or had an MRI to find out the cause of the sciatica?
Seeing a spine surgeon most iftenbdoes not result in needing surgery, but they can give you far better treatment/diagnosis of the actual causes of the oain.
Chiropractors are great but diagnosing the issue isn't typically their specialty,  and diagnosing anything other than alignment issues from xray can't be done.
Xray don't show disc herniation or bulges, nor compressed nerves that may be causing the problem.
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