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What is the difference in Medicines?

Hi everyone, I was recently taken off my usual pain med regimine of 75 micr of Fentanyl Patch every 48 hours and 4 mg hydramorphone ( dilauded) 4-6 times a day. Because the Fentanyl [patch was actually being absorbed into my body on the first day and then I would go through withdrawl the next day and over and over and so on and so on and I felt horrible until a doctor finally took me seriously ( My regular Pain dr was busy so I saw the PA in his office) She said that my body was getting accustomed too quickly to the drugs and I didn't want them just to up the dosage So she said that she was going to put me on different meds. Here is my question . ( finally right?_)
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OXYMORPHONE AND HYDRAMORPHONE? ( OPANA VS. DILAUDED?)  I'm doing really well with the opana now and I'm actually on Kadian again instead of the Fentanyl I seem to be doing pretty well. If anyone knows the diffence with the prefeixes of Hydra and Oxy, please let me know. My best to everyone. Hope this question finds you pain free at the moment.

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I don't know the difference between the two short acting drugs although if you're doing well with the opana then i would continue with that(on top of the Kadien).
There are lots of decent websites that give lots of info on medications, just google them and you'll find everything you need to know.
are the dr's suggesting you change back to dilauded for BT pain?
best wishes,

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I'm on the Opana for BT pain and the Kadian is one every 12 hours. There is an Opana extended release but i'm not on that one. I've gone to all the websites and I just can't seem to figure out what the difference is I've even put in Oxymorphone vs. hydramorphone in the google box! Beleive me I've goggled my heart out. But thanks for getting back to me so quick.
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Hi Babs,

I'm glad that the PA listened to you and was able to help. Opiates work differently for different ppl. This is a great example of it.  

The differences are in the chemical make up. They are both morphine derivatives and basically have equal potentency. And what works best or is stronger can often be subjective.

In my opinion the important thing is that it is working for you. I can do some research for you later but must get to an appointment.  Others will post and offer their opinions.

Take care and I'll try to do some research for you.
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Thank you, I just feel so much better then I have in such a long time I wanted to let everyone know, I want to shout from the roof tops - I feel okay today!!! and okay is good enough for me! LOL I'm going to try to remember this feeling and not take for granted how good I actually feel when I don't feel terrible.
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