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What is vascular surgery

I would like to know what is vascular surgery and what types of tests are done. The thing is that i have an appointment with vascular surgery next week. pls could anyone help me out.
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Hi gurneet,

I'm sorry that you are having the problems that you are that are requiring you to have to have Vascular Surgery.

Before we can really offer much information it would truly help to know which type of the Vascular System you are having to deal with. Is it the Heart, or possibly Varicose Veins? There are too many different possibilities tobe able to give you much info.

In general they would be doing surgery on your Vascular System but as I said that is a Vast range of possibilities.

Please give us some more info so we can hopefully help.  :)

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I would like to know what is vascular surgery and what types of tests are done. The thing is that i have an appointment with vascular surgery next week because of right hand. pls could anyone help me out.
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Hello Again Gurneet,

Your appointment is fast approaching. I understand your concern. I believe in your last post with this question I tried to answer some of your questions about vascular surgery.

I'll try to provide you with more information but remember I am not an expert. I'll try to go over some of testing that is often done. Your surgeon may done none or all of these. There is a simple test called the Allen's test. It is used to test blood supply to the hand. This is done through touch basically. The physician does elevation, motion and pressure on and certain points of your hand. This can tell a lot to the surgeon about your circulation.

The surgeon or more likely his technician may also use Doppler Ultrasonography to determine the circulation in your hand(s). This is a simple, painless test involves running a small device along the vessels of your hands and possibly arms to "watch" the blood flow to and from the area. The blood flow is evaluated and monitored on a the Doppler ultrasonography. It should not cause any pain.

What type of surgery if any will depend on the results of your tests and your surgeon. Please don't be overly concerned. Today we have multiple medications and treatments that will ease your surgical pain. Express your concern to your surgeon and his staff. They will do everything to alleviate your fears and maintain your comfort.

Please Gurneet let us know the results of your appointment. If they discuss tests or surgical procedures be sure to ask lots of questions. If you still have concerns come back to us and we will do our best to help explain them in more detail.

We are here for you. Please keep us updated. I will look forward to hearing from you again soon. I hope I have been able to address a few of your concerns. If you have additional or more specific questions please do not hesitate to ask.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,
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hi i am beening send for more test eg chest xray ect. So they what i have.
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Good to hear from you Gurneet. Thanks for the update. We'll look forward to hearing the results of your testing.

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I, too, am glad to hear that you are getting your tests and look forward to hearing your results.

Good Luck...Sherry
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Will give u the results of the test. In 2 week from today i am going to back to see the neurology maybe she could help me out. I have another appointment with vascular surgery in one month time. So the doctor will have the results of the chest xray that they did yesturday and also will have untrasound on my hand and arm.
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Thank you again for letting us know what the time table is for getting your results.

We are thinking about you and wish you the VERY best....Sherry
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Today I had neurology appointment. I was told that the chest xray was ok and that my blood test which i had in march came back the one of the blood test results was high cause people have this high cause if u have arthritis or if u have pains. Whcih meant the i had to have the blood test again and also 24 hours urine test maybe something might come in that. In two weeks for today i have a ultrasound scan so will let u know. Then two weeks after that i have vascular surgery appointment.
If u have any idea what i have pls could u let me know as i will be so greatful..  
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Thank you so much for updating us. I'm so glad that you've started with the testing to get your answers.

We are definitely going to be anxiously waiting for your further updates from your Ultrasound!!

You really just need to relax as much as you can and let the Dr's find the answers for you. There is a chance that you have some arthritis because of your Blood Tests.

Please try and be patient as your answers will come.

Good luck my Friend.....Sherry
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How can i relax as i'm in so much pain. I don't want to lose the feeling of my hand completely whcih looks like that because sometimes i can't feel my hand or arm wilth me which i have told dr's about. Plus i'm getting so much pain that i'm get difficultly getting up from bed when i am laying down cause i can't move my hand as it gets cold and frezeeing.
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I know how hard it is to try to relax when you have so much pain and fear of what could happen. I just meant that IF you can relax JUST a small amount SOMETIMES it can help the pain slightly as your muscles are not so tight.

With the feeling that you are having in your arm and hand it might possibly have some pinched nerves there that are causing some of this.

You just need to hang on until you get your Ultrasound!

I wish the VERY BEST for you....Sherry
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Too much pain i don't think that i can wait for that. If ultrasound scan comes back normal like other test and what will happen. I hope that ultrasound show the dr's what it is really has it has been over 6 years..
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I just like to know how is ultrasound scan is done cause I am going for the scan on Tuesday which is coming.
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An ultrasound is very easy & painless. I had about 30 ot them done in various parts of my body in my lifetime. They put a gel like (cold) substance on the area they are wanting to scan. They use a device (like a computer mouse) to scan over the area that will show on a screen what is happening in that area, blood flow, if there are any abnormalities like cyst, tumor, or anything that should not be there, it will show fluid build up, inflammation. (At least mine did). If you have seen the weather on Doppler radar on TV, it looks something like that on the screen. I did have to have a vascular surgeon because the tumor I had removed was underneath the aorta in my abdominal area. If it was not for the ultrasounds I had done they would have never found out my issues.
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I'm so sorry that I didn't see your post earlier!!

Totie gave you a VERY good description of an UltraSound.  I JUST had one a few weeks ago and it is ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS.

I will add that they asked me to hold my breath every time that they took a picture of a particular area. You ONLY hold your breath for maybe 5 seconds at a time.

It will be a breeze for  you!!!

Looking forward once again to your update.

Good Luck my Friend.....Sherry
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If the problem with my blood supply backs back that i have a problem and what will happen that may ask..I was told by my friend to ask drs to check my blood flow cause that might be the problem..
P.S. If it comes back there is a problem what will happen then..
thanks for ur help that u gave me..
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Hi Gurneet,

I'm really sorry but I don't know what the Dr.'s would want to do in a situation like that. I've never had that type of experience. Perhaps someone else will come along and have a better idea on this one.

I'm sorry if I let you down, I just don't know this answer....:).....Sherry
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hi sherry
Yesturday i went for ultrasound scan and everythings was normal. Plus i would like to know what is serum copper, cpr and esr stands for because when i went to see the neurologist said that these very high.
If u can help me.
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Hi Gurneet,

I'm so VERY happy that you Ultrasound was NORMAL!!  That's wonderful news.

I'm really sorry but I DON'T know what it means if these particular things are High in your Blood Work.  I'm sure that a lot will depend on JUST how hight they are. I'm sure that they will work on getting them inot the normal range.

Please let us know how your doing.....Sherry
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Sorry I am tardy.

CPR stands for cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation.

ESR stands for erythrocyte sedimentation rate. (A blood test measuring inflammation)

Serum Copper (blood levels) levels are useful tests for detecting copper deficiency. Copper is a component of many body proteins; almost all of the body's copper is bound within copper proteins. Unbound (free) copper ions are toxic.

I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

My Best to You.
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Letter has been sent to my GP for me to see a pain managerment team. So i would like to know that they done and how can they help me out if u have any idea. Thanks
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On 26th july i had an appointnent with vascular surgery doctor at 2.50pm. The thing was that the doctor could not find the result of the ultrasound scan which i had on the 14th july which meant that i had to go and have it again. I can back fronm the ultrasound scan and the doc was call on an emergency so i had to wait to be called when the doc came back. It was around 5.15pm when i was called in to see the doc. The doc do not know what i have and i sent me for phyiso. my next appointment is made for is in november maybe the might know what it is cause the doc was say that we have a meeting on friday that week so we will talk about ur case and see what other doctor think what it is. So when u come to the next appointment we might have the answer..
i will keep u uptodate...
4m gurneet
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