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What to do?

Well where should I start. I was seeing Pain Mgmt Dr, Not good, have tried to get in to see others, but in this town it is so hard to become a new patient without referral, it's a nightmare. Got referral from Priamary Dr, but the Pain Mgmt Dr said if would take a couple of weeks. So, in the mean time I am dealing with all this cancer **** and back problems and comning down off of opiates and narcotics the hard way. Pain level GREAT. Don't know what to do. Do I go running back to the quack Pain Mgmt Dr just to get meds? Please if there is anyone out there with some advice or suggestions, let me know. I'm think I'm driving my husband nuts with all this. The back problem is no secondary to cervical and uterine problems, along with cysy on left ovary and uterine tumor that all needs to come out. When I went to GYNO last thurs. my blood pressure was 80/40, Ok, I'm just rambling here, anyone with suggestions, please let me know, Thank you Gretchen
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Hi Gretchen:

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear of the trials and tribulations you have been through. How far would you have to travel to find a really good PCP.? You see in Wisconsin, our Primary Care Phys. is also our Pain Management Doc. so that pretty much keeps me in the dark about how pain management is handled in other states. I guess if I had to and I were in alot of pain, I would travel to the ends of the earth for relief...or at least to the next state. For now, I would consider seeing the Quack for some added pain relief...what do you think?

Take care, Molly
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Hello Gretchen,

I have been wondering how you are doing. I am glad you posted. I am so sorry you are having all this pain and dealing with an inadequate PMP. I, like Molly live in Wisconsin and our PMP are our PCP. And I agree with her I would even go to another state if need be to obtain comprehensive pain management.

And I too would see the PMP that you are unsatisfied with to obtain some pain relief until you can get into the new one. Life is too short to live it in unrelenting pain. I cannot in my wildest imagination phantom a physician that would not give you pain medications to deal with cancer pain and all the other painful medical conditions you have going on right now. It would be thoughtless and cruel to ignore your pin.

So do what ever you need to (legally of course) in order to find some pain relief. Please let us know how you are doing. Bless you heart I am so sorry you are dealing with all these medical issues. Take care and please keep us updated. We are here for you. Tuck
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I live in MIchigan and if this happened to me I would call my doc and DEMAND that he help me with this pain until I saw a PM doc. This makes me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you can't find a better pain management doctor locally, you may need to travel a bit further to get the care you need. I see you live in Santa Maria,, so have you looked for other potential doctors in larger towns, like Santa Barbara? I know it's a bit of taveling, but it may be worth it.
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