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What's In a Name???

What's In a Name?

How about adding a little diversion and maybe some fun to our Pain Management Community?

Screen names or User names can be so interesting. I find them intriguing. I often try to guess why or how the particular person came up with their screen name. Vanity car license plates leave me wondering too. I try to figure out some of those crazy plate acronyms, others are pretty self explanatory.

I would like to know more about your screen names. Are they how you feel? How did you select them? Are the part of your name? What do they mean to you?

My screen name "Tuckamore" is actually a nickname my husband gave me the first time we met. After all these years he still introduces me as "This is Tuckamore, my bride."  It has stuck and many ppl call me Tuck. So when I joined MedHelp it just seemed the right name to use.

Would you care to share yours?
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Mine really isn't anything special, I chose Blujax because Blue is my favorite color, and it seems to fit my moods alot of the time, and my name is Jackie.  My family calls me either Jack, or Jacks. Blujacks didn't look as cool to me as Blujax, so that's why I chose the latter!

So theres the story of my name, interesting huh? I used to have vanity plates on my Mustang that read JAXPONY, I loved them, but it got way too exspensive to keep that up. Plus, too many people recognized me and my car that I didn't necessaraly want to recognize me!!

But good idea Tuck! I always want to know the meaning behind nicknames too

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Mine is also a nickname.  My first name is Shelley..  My co-workers used to say sometimes I say the most shocking things (I was the constant joker).  So everyone started calling me Shellshock or Shellshocker
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Well I am a recovering Methamphetamine addict hence NoMoMeth4Me!!!!! Just kidding but that's what many assume.

I stopped taking METHADONE in March of 2009 and this is how I came up with my nickname....

Boring huh?

~ Brian
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not as boring as mine probably is!
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Mine comes from a play/short story by Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood called 'Jacobs hands'. Its about a farm hand who discovers he has healing powers, he becomes disilluisioned when he discovers that mending a broken body does not always fix a broken soul. It's very good and I thought it would be appropriate to use as a combination of Jacob and Huxley, but I slipped whilst typing it in and it became JHuxlet! I do not use anything like my real name as I was a victim of Identity theft and am now exceptionally paranoid about giving out personal information in anyway on the net.
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Ok....maybe mine will seem silly? "optimus22mac"
First-------->22 is mine and my fathers' fave/lucky #...
Next-------------->My wonderful husband works so hard as a truck driver so that I can stay home--because of all of my pain problems/injury...and so that I can be here for our 3 kids more full-time.  I think of him on the road all the time...and our last name is McIntyre--and over the years driving a truck for different companies, and even from high school---friends called my husband "mac"...
Lastly------------------>and when he brought home the used truck he bought from a former co-worker, it was bright blue with silver flames painted all over the tractor, with a big "whale-tail" on top...among other really flashy decorations...for a totally non-flashy man...
So.......well.................I thought of "Optimus Prime" from Transformers....he's a totally different colour and stuff, but it just popped into my head, and has stuck!
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You guys are great. I love learning how you all came up with your screen names.

Blujax and NoMoMeth4Me your names are certainly not boring. They are ones that I can actually remember. That says a lot for this numb and often tired brain!!!

I was surprised to learn a few weeks ago that we have several family & friends that use the same screen name with different numbers added to the end to identify them personally. Some astute member caught that one. I thought it was all the same person....LOL

Anyone else care to add their story?
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what a good topic...a question I've often wondered about myself Tuck!
mine is very simple, Opus was a very special cat to me....he was my best buddy for 17 yrs never leaving my side...his was born in 88!
since I think of him daily still....I use his name whenever a username is needed, keeps him in my heart.
Welcome back Optimus!!
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Well, my sister joined this site first and chose 'chasingthehigh' for her own personal reasons. My best friend kind of followed suit and chose 'chasingthehigh2'. I guess when they got me to join, I just kind of followed their lead and chose 'chasingthehigh3'. It's kind of random as I wouldn't say that I'm chasing any high. I use medication for chronic back pain and there's no "high" in that as most will agree. So, technically, my name has really nothing to do with me! Just a random name as you can tell.
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Hi Tuck as you know just posted a question not feeling so wonderful.  The night I posted my screen name sarassuicide I wanted to kill myself have thoughts of suicide, and am not depressed high highs or low lows.  I am trying to figure it out, and keep busy see when you go from an artistic job working over 30 hours in two days and high when the art director screams how cool you are it's a fantastic feeling.  
HOW DO I CHANGE MY SCREEN NAME HAVE A NEW NAME  I WOULD LIKE TO USE?  Thank you Tuck for all you do for us.  Sar
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Ok I think mine has to be the most unimaginative , my full name is Michael Anthony Green and i was born in 1970 I just tacked the E on the end to make it a word - it's easy to rember though
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Great posts guys!

Chasingthehigh was the one I mentioned in the beginning of this thread. I think that is pretty cute.

Mage I have a hard time remembering you are a male. LOL Of course now your photo helps. "Mage" is the name of a female I went to school with many years ago.

Sarasucide I have responded to your request on how to change your screen name.

Opus I use my beloved dogs name for many things too. A beautiful golden retriever that once saved my life and now lives in Dog Heaven.

And Optimus excuse me for not welcoming you back. I hope we'll see more of you.

Many ppl think that "Tuckamore" is a male too. So Mage maybe you and I should switch...LOL

Happy Super Bowl!
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Mine is just my job title and being self-employed my life.
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What a nice way to learn about each other.
My name is simple. Sandee id a just a variation of my name Sandy and the 1818 is my son's lucky number:)
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As opus...my name originated from my cat too. Mollyrae (Molly) is my GREAT love....she is everything to me. Always by my side. And when I'm hurting she knows it and comes to me with kisses and love. She even talks to me. There is not one morning that I don't find her curled next to me. Amazing these animals can be. She is getting older now...9 years and have thought about the day I loose her. Personally, I cannot comprehend it.

So that's my story.     :)
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This is a bit off the screen name track but I certainly understand the love we have for our pets, hence the reason I often use my deceased Golden Retrievers name for passwords and such. She was a great friend that loved me unconditionally.

As I said earlier actually saved me from great harm. She woke me when a burglar was in our lower level exposed (basement) when I was sleeping in the day after working the night shift as a nurse.

Our steps are open, no door, a half spiral turn and she "held" that man in the basement with her barking and growling. She had never hurt a flea and I had never heard her even growl before (or after) that day. She stopped him from coming up our steps and gave me time to call 911. My hero. The police said had I gone down those steps he was waiting for me with a heavy plastic rope that we normally used to tie up our boat.

I still miss my friend and have refused to get another. The pain of losing her was near unbearable. But I digress.

So Molly how did you come up with Rae?

And Sandee thanks for sharing too.    
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Mollyrae is The cats full name and on her birth cert....LOL......She's totally got it all.

Tuck: That dog of yours was truly a hero.....Like I said, animals are amazing!!
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Tuck--what an amazing story! Wow!
Thank God for your hero...I'm sure you miss her with all your heart.
Thanks so much for sharing!
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I can't imagine my life without a dog in it! There's a reason that Dog and God go hand-in-hand! ;)
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My screen name is "chasingthehigh" and my sister (her post is above as chasingthehigh3) kind of explained why...well, I guess not really...lol!

I chose the name because for years I have been on some form of vicodin...most recently my drug of choice is 15mg Oxycodone.  It seems like I'm always "graduating" up to the next level...to chase the high that I once got.  I'm sure we've all kind of done that.  It scares me though to think what I may "graduate" to next...that's why I'm doing a slowwww taper down to 0.  I have gone through withdrawals so many times throughout the years, but it would be really bad if I just went cold turkey this time.  So far, so good...my husband is working with me...he's holding my pills and putting them in my plastic pill counter weekly.

I was so happy to find this website, so I told my sister's friend 1st because I knew she was doing the same thing I was.  Then I told my sister to join...at that time, she had no access to pills and wasn't on anything....

I've made so many new friends and am appreciative for everyone's support on here!

Amy (chasingthehigh)
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