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Why I cant find PM Doctor?

I am 53 yrs old with Usher Syndromes (vision and hearing impaired) I have 20 percent vision and mod to sev hearing lost with tinnitinus.
I have PKD my gfr is at 62 although my right kidney is 3x its size. Sinice I am sm size person its causing alot of pain in my lower right quandrant.
I had surgery in 2004 due to damanges muscle, nerves and blood vessels in the area where I had hysteracomy w/complications in 95. The dr repaired most of the damages and found and remvoved fibroid tumors  Just recently found another lump above my incision line/below my belly button ugh.
Under the PM care i have now had me on liquid cocktail med of metadone, visteral and muscle relaxer. The trigger injections doesnt work
I also have fibromyalgis.
I have hypertension which been under control except when in abdominal pain-where I would grind my teeth (broke few ugh. I have to refrain myself from using heat or ice dues to muscle and skin damages.
Im alergic to med pads which causes quarter size blisters.
I was told by neurologist that I cant take any antidepresants (which causes seizures) natural herb or vitamin supplements due to being toxic for me to take..
The liquid meds is causing me to fall asleep, fatques,  severe consipations/ or last of bowel functions , and  terrible panic attacks episodes mostly at night. Im usually in control of my attacks but not this type.
Also the med is interfering what left of vision i have.
I am under physcriatic care for anxiety and panic attacks. She told me to definitly need to find another PM Dr.
But all the pm dr I check have terrible/scarey reviews. Most drs are are anthesiaologst cant spell it. They deal with trigger injections.
Im still waiting for any hope for med to help with PKD.I am so terribly lost in what to do.  I dont know who or where else to find pm drs.
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I am so sorry your going thru so much! You really are dealing with alot of different problems each causing significant amount of pain.
I know it is very scary seeing a new Docotr but you have to try and find one more suited to your needs. The Methadone obviously is not for you and is causing more symptoms than relief.
I can send you some referral links so you can check in your area for a better PM Doctor if you like.
Please don't just sit back and take the treatment your getting, there is much better out there:)
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I am truly sorry for the pain and suffering you must endure on a daily basis. You are a very strong person for even being able to come here and ask for help. I applaud your efforts to seek assistance from this message-board.

I suffer from both PKD and chronic kidney-stones (of the cystine variety). I have a verified case of Cystinuria... lucky me. So, not only an incurable PKD case, but an incurable Cystinuria case. I feel your pain in that area, but unfortunately cannot relate to the other things of which you spoke.

I'm not from Atlanta, but I have a close friend that lives there (in Dunwoody), and he gave me the name of HIS pain-management doctor:

Dr. Arnold Weil (in Marietta, GA): (770) 421-1420

My friend has been with him for several years now, and says that he's top-notch and not just a prescription-writer (he'll actually take time to review your case and work with you).

Good luck to you.
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Thank you for your supports.  Waitin to hear from another PM drs. It is driving me crazy. I want off of the methadone cocktail med.  I have so much to do. It is hard for me to function with snowy impaired vision.  The meds claims it causes nightmares.  Im realistic type person but when i go to sleep some dreams feel so real that i jerk or jump out my dream and fight panic attacks every night. I can handle anxiety attacks which is like hiccups to me. I only get panic attacks when under stress. But these horrible episodes makin me feel where I hate to go to sleep.  There were times where i feel that im havin a stroke or anginia attack while sleepin..  Ive been in bed so exhausted and feelin so guilty for my family having to worry and to help me. I didnt have any problems going out in public. For the past few months, instead of helping my loving MIL she is helpin me.  Last night my intestines were crampin up like i was havin dihearea it wouldve been nice to being able to go.  But still have comspation/bowel problems.

El em:  The dr you mention is too far for my hubby to take me.  
Thank you Sandra and EL; for your support and info.
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