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Why does my knee hurt when i sleep?

When I sleep I keep my knees bent mostly, but recently my left knee has been hurting when I do this. It's not just my knee however; from my knee down feel strange, it's isn't an ache just a pain, it feels like I need to stretch my leg out but that hurts in a different way. Could it be a blood clot or something? Help!
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Indeed, a DVT needs to be ruled  in/out. It can be "settle" anywhere...my mother's DVT was behind her knee (opposite side of kneecap). With mine, (it came on suddenly, about 2weeks after a major foot surgery-I was tested for blood clotting disorders, but no, absolutely no disorders found and neither for my mom...we just got "lucky"...together lol.) But my DVT went from groin to ankle.... The ONLY symptom I had was calf muscle pain-so badly that I could suddenly not put my calf on the pillow that I was instructed to keep it elevated on, due to the foot surgery. I thought for a week that I'd just twisted the muscle in a bad way (I was on crutches after the surgery - crutches for 4mo.). I could not stretch that keg(calf muscle hurt badly to do so...even now, years later, that same spot in calf is a pain in the butt-vein shows permanent "scarring). But yes, I thought I'd just twisted the muscle badly. I had no redness , or noticeable warmth...not any red line/even any real redness except all around surgical site-at base of toes. As for swelling, I did have lots of swelling...I had no defineable ankle & calf was a bit swollen too, but I was told to expect swelling after this surgery..it was a horrible (but wonderfully done) surgery. It wasn't until just a  regular ol' PCP follow up that I was immediately sent for a Doppler & then (much to my surprise) rushed from there to the hospital&admitted automatically. Hospital for 4 days.
Now, I'm in noooo way giving any medical advise, not saying it is...just merely expanding on what Tuck said, that you should seek a medical opinion. It could easily be a tendon or who knows what. This does not mean that you have a DVT by any means-but it's a very good thing to rule it out. I had only pain in calf-literally was unable to put my calf on the pillow...even slowly, it was just not going to happen...yet I needed to keep foot elevated b/c of surgery, so I simply figured out a way to keep it elevated w/not putting my calf on the pillow.
This is just my experience. It would benefit you to definitely contact your PCP or go to an urgent care, as its great to rule that out. Again, it's likely something else! I'm in no way here to scare you/give medical advise... Just my story, my experience. You should be able to call your PCP after hours/on-call PCP to help you determine if you even need to be seen sooner than business hours.
Much luck to you!!!
Oh, have you had any recent injuries to this area? Anything like a fall, hit, any...injury?
As you're a bit worried, it's always best to solve the worry if you can..perhaps calling your physician/on-call Doctor would help you determine if you should go to an Irgent Care...or you could just do that anyways & ease your mind, as something like a bloodclot/DVT is scary & it's always best to know sooner than later ;)
I hope you get ease of mind soon&get to the bottom of your pain there!
Keep us posted and keep being proactive in your health! :)
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Hi, Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. We are focused on Chronic Pain and that conditions that cause it - but you are welcome here.

Obviously new pain should be DX (diagnosis) by your medical provider. If you do have a blood clot, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) it requires immediate attention.

DVT SX (symptoms) include, Swelling in the affected leg, often warmth and redness in the leg. The pain is usually most intense in the calf muscle. It feels like cramping or a deep soreness. When you raise your toes or pull your foot towards the front of your leg your pain should intensify.  These are usual SX. DVT can occur without SX - or with only some of the SX.

The pain of DVT is not usually based in your knee. However - and again you should consult your medical provider. It's a Saturday so you may have to consult an Urgent Care facility.

Good luck and please let us know how are you doing.

Take Care,
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