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Widespread Muscle and joint pain and anxiety

Hello, I'm a 27 year old male. I've had very odd muscle and joint pain for the last few years...It started with my ribcage I was told by a doctor I had inflammation in my ribcage it went away after a few weeks and would come and go. A year ago, I had a severe panic attack that I believe was related to my chest pain since it felt like I could not breathe. The panic attack left me in a daze(I felt like nothing was real) for a month. Ever since then I've had an increase in anxiety and mini attacks here and there, but I have noticed over the last year my joints and muscles(everywhere) hurt really bad all the time but aren't related to normal muscle pain from exercise or working. For instance, right now I haven't been doing much since it's the holidays but my biceps and the joint area on the oppisite side of my elbows hurts like crazy. Somedays its my thigh and knee, Forearms and wrist, calves and ankles, lower back and butt, my entire ribcage, my upper back and neck to the top of my head.The pain comes in few different forms sometimes it is a deep aching and lasts a day or so, Sometimes it's a quick stabbing/burning pain that lasts for a few hours. Sometimes the pain is intense and other times just annoying. Also, I have been waking up with that "daze" I mentioned before and then it will go away after a few hours or last all day.
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I am sorry you are in so much pain. Have you tried a gluten free diet? Gluten increases inflammation and make things much worse (also those with gluten issues are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks.) If you are interested in going gluten free I recommend that you google celiac.org, celiac central, and just plain celiac disease there is a lot of info about how to do a gluten free diet.

I hope this helps,
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You can try to  gluten free on your own or if you can find a good g.i. doctor to check you for you celieac disease. (The blood test that is used is not very accurate.) But if you cannot afford to get the test and the endoscopy-- that is the next step after the blood work, the cheapest way is to go gluten free.

One last thing when was the last time your thyroid was checked? If recently did the doctor say everything is range or did you get the actual results. The doctors who stay up to date on the research know the ranges are wrong. If you want a good resource about the thyroid I recommend: "The Thyroid Solution" --- http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=thyroid+solution+arem&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=6873207801&ref=pd_sl_4p30pisyg9_b
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