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Worried about steady pains from right shoulder till right eye!

Hello to all,
With 16 years I have got double sinusitis inflammation. Nobody did help me untill my 25th year, in Germany.
After visiting ORL doctors,I went once to the Neurologist. He talked to me about 15 minutes, gave me one injection between neck and shoulder muscle on the right side. Diagnosis: Trigeminal Neuralgia. My pains were over! After I came back home, I was other person with very nice face, as I should have. No more swollen, as before, as I had all 9 years. It was good for about 5 years. After a while pains came back. From 1989 have diagnosis: Hypotireosis, N. occipitalis, N.suprascapularis, atypical Trigeminal neuralgia 1. and 2.,  some Spondylarthrosis, Rhinosinusitis vasomotoria, Enthesopatia levator scapula, Benigne tumour, Gastritis chr.with erosions. Russian Neurologist Chiropractor, from 1997-1999 told me: all is coming from C5, N.suprascapularis. From sinusitis I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. My sinusitis is not cured and he could help me with Bioenergy (unfortunally I didn't believe then in that, now I do).He gave me injection on the same place, as Neurologist in Germany. It was good, 2x 6 months. But he went back to Russia. Now helps me only deep warmth. Doctors tell me,  all is from neck and shoulder muscles (right). Also from stomache. I have terrible pains straight on, from right shoulder joint untill right eye. Especially by bad weather, wind and moisture.I have only some pills from England for Nasal decongestion. Who can tell me, what to do, because I had to leave my job in tourism?

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Where do live now?  If I were you I would see an EAR NOSE & THROAT doctor(ENT) for your sinus problems first.  You may need an MRI xray or a CATSCAN to see all of your sinus cavities. The doctor will probably use a scope to see into your nose and sinus areas first though.  Ask him what he thinks about the cervical 5 disc being the source of your problems with the sinus as well as the neck and shoulder. As for just the neck and shoulder try an orthopedic surgeon after the sinus are taken care of. You will need an MRI of your neck area if you haven't had one in the past year or can't produce it for the new doctor.It maybe just arthritis or bursitis, since it hurts more when wet cold weather comes.  As for your stomach, ask the ENT doctor if sinus drainage into the stomach could be making you sick in your stomach. If he doesn't think it is then you will need to talk to your regular doctor for tests like ULTRASOUND, UPPER GI, LOWER GI, if you have any or all of these symptoms; stomachaches,constipation,diareah,pain,can't eat right, vomiting,nausua,weight loss. Sorry my spelling might be wrong on some words.  I send this post with a prayer for you that you will hopefully get good treatments and possible cures for your ailments.
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Hi Bobbie. I share similar issues as you do. I have muscle aches on my right side in my back and shoulder area. They stem all the way up to my neck and head. My sinuses on the right side seem to be plugged all the time. The only thing that has helped is stretching and exercise. I've had this condition for the last 5 years now and it just recently cost me my job because it was so annoying. I share in your search for a cure as I've tried pressure point therapy, accupunture, heavy doses of ibuprofen, etc. I'm currently 40lbs. overweight and I feel that has some to do with it, but not all. Being an engineer, it's hard to get exercise in during the day as I sit at a desk most of the time. I often wonder if this is just a condition from an accident I had back in 1995 or am I just getting old? Who knows, but I will keep searching for an answer. Good luck to ya!
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I am 26 years old and I have been having the same symptoms as you do.

I had stomach pains with a large amount of internal noises. Also, I have been getting eye pains on both eyes (wierdly only one of both eyes would hurt once in a while). I have migraines (pain right ontop of my left and right ear). I also have pains on my right shoulder blade. I noticed also that when I wakeup in the morning is when the pain is at its max. My jaw also cracks but only in the morning and then it doesn't do it anymore. Sometimes when I wake up I feel some pain at the lower spine (near the butt erea).

I work on a computer 8 hours a day and I do the same when I come back home (I work and study on a pc).

I went for a checkup (blood test, stomach x-ray, head tests, CT Scan) and they found nothing irregular.

What they said was the following:

1) Could be IBS --> I doubt since my stomach pains are irregular

2) Could be Lactose Intolerance --> doubt that as well since I do eat dairy products and my stomach once again acts irregularly (might hurt and might not)

3) Could be stress --> This might be the most relevant approach but then it doesn't resolve the upper shoulder and spine pain.

So this is very frustrating as I can't figure this thing out and most people around me started calling me "Le Malade Imaginaire" which is The Imaginary Patient in french :)
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I hate to say this but stress and depression are known to cause back pains especially with no findings of cause.  Also could cause different types of headaches and the jaw pain can be from you grinding your teeth at night if you are stressed.  Also can cause stomach ailments with no cause found. I was just reading up on it because I battle with depression and found that the pain is worse in the morning and eases as the day progresses.  Also a strange symptom of feeling like you are dreaming alot more (during sleep) than usual, because little stresses during the day that had no resolve will come up in the nights dreams (sometimes strange or bad) to resolve the problem.  Then you are extra tired the next day because dreaming uses alot of energy and sometimes you don't make it into the calming after dream stage of sleep. It becomes an everyday and night ordeal if you don't resolve the days worries, fights, hurts etc. You might want to look into depression as being the cause of your symptoms.  Good Luck and get the right kind of help, you can't solve this alone.
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I was just going to post exactly the same thing that idesofmarch had already posted !!
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I have one notice book since 5 years, where I wrote all, what told me Russian Orthopaedist - Chiropractor:
1. There is nerve pressed from neck muscle going into sinusitis maxillaries and
    ethmoidales. From sinusitis (mucus membrane is only swollen and dry), I
    have eyes, face, cheek bones and jaw pains. There is nothing, doctor for
    Ear, Nose and Throat can help. I was told that long time ago. It is case for
    Neurologist (for muscles and nerves).
2. He found also 6 pain points:
    1 is between scalp and upper neck
    1 is on the bottom of the neck (right)
    1 is on the right shoulder joint
    1 is on the breast hip
    2 are on the bottom of the spine, left and right.
He calls them, TRIGGER POINTS.

Another thing, he saw, is few mm long thing between scalp and upper neck, and that should be healed. He didn’t tell me, how. It was found Vein 10x11mm (MRI of head) as also bone, 3cm great on right Occipital (CT scan of the head). I should be there, and go every day to him. Honestly said, Orthopaedists gave me right information, but they never have helped me. There are only two Neurologists; they did help in my life. Both of them were from abroad: one in Germany, long time ago, another one here, Neurologist - Chiropractor (was here from 1997-1999), who gave me injection on the same place as doctor in Germany - on the bottom from the neck (right side).
Now, I have nobody and nothing against the pains. I feel terrible pushing from the back head into face, eyes and sinusitis. My face is swollen and I have terrible pains. There are also all these three Neuralgias: Atypical trigeminal, Occipital and Suprascapularis. I think, muscle Levator Scapula is right cause for all that pains. Even, Psychiatrist (I took 20 sleeping pills, September 2006, outside of my country and ended in the hospital), he told me, it is all from neck muscles. I feel also pain along the muscle upper Trapezium.
Few days ago, I have found that from Occipital Neuralgia, there are pains on all right side (all pains are mostly on the right side).
I must say also once again, that all that should be from small Thyroid, I was born. Hormone, I have to take every morning, doesn't help me to much.

I have no more energy for anything. I wrote to doctor, she should study Astrology, to believe me, that I have pains every day. She doesn't believe me.

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Sorry, I didn't answer, I live at the moment in Slovenia. I try to go to London, UK, because feel much better there, than here. There are always problems, to leave from here. Beside that, I was working long time with English people, but in last 6 years (don't work) lost all contacts. With everybody!
Here, I have all possible problems, even with apartment. It seems I will lose it. It doesn't help me, that I speak more languages, do Astrology for free.
Thank you to all, Bobbie33
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