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aching legs

for the last few years i have been having pain and aching in my legs from the knee down when i try to sit and relax or ride across town and now it is getting worse and after sitting or napping for a while i can hardly walk and i also have a lot of fluid in my legs, my doctor has ran several test but when did not find any thing he like just drops it ,  What can i do?
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Welcome to MH. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I did some research for you and found that this might be helpful to you.
Your body needs the right amount of blood flow to keep your heart pumping, your legs moving and your brain functioning. Blood circulation, the movement of blood throughout the body, is clearly crucial to your existence, and poor leg circulation can easily produce an aching leg.
If you have poor leg circulation or an aching leg, you may develop the following symptoms.

In the early stages, you may experience cramping or aching legs, aching buttocks or aching feet during activity. The pain, whether it’s leg pain, lower leg pain or foot pain, usually diminishes with rest, but will reoccur.
You may complain of a tired leg, general leg swelling or an aching leg.
You may also have cramping or aching that occurs in your legs and feet when you are sleeping or immobile for extended periods of time.
In addition, you can incur aching leg symptoms such as ‘cold feet,’ or feet that ‘fall asleep.’
What Causes an Aching Leg?  
If you have an aching leg, you could have poor leg circulation. The following behaviors or conditions can contribute to an aching leg or other leg circulation problems:
If you have an aching leg, tobacco smoking could be the culprit.  
Are you overweight? Obesity can lead to aching legs.
Do you exercise enough? A lack of exercise in your weekly routine can cause an aching leg.
Improper diet can lead to an aching leg and other leg problems.
If you have high blood pressure, that could be the reason why you have an aching leg.
Do you suffer from high cholesterol? That could be why you have an aching leg.
Diabetes is a serious ailment that can cause aching legs and other leg problems.
Are you pregnant? Pregnancy is a cause of an aching leg.  
Long periods of sitting in a cramped and immobile position (Economy Class Syndrome) can lead a person to develop an aching leg.
The Podiatry Institute suggests that you always see your physician if you have aching legs and suspect you have poor leg circulation. Medications are available to treat aching legs and other leg circulation problems and to help prevent more serious consequences.

I hope that some of this helped you....Take care and good luck in the future.


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Hello Bigdon,

Welcome to MedHelp. I am glad you found us. I am sorry I am a bit tardy in my response. I have had some medical issues, I guess we all do here.

The pain can most likely be attributed to the edema (fluid) in your lower extremities. The comment on your post that jumps out at me is, "My doctor has ran several test but when did not find any thing he like just drops it." Ppl who are familiar with me here know what I am about to say next. We hire our physicians, they work for us. They should respond to us. If you hired a plumber to fix your leaky facet and after he left it still leaked what would you do? I hope your answer is "fire him." Physicians are no different than plumbers to the degree that we hire them and they work for us and they should perform the job to our satisfaction. You deserve to be heard by your physician, you deserve his/her respect as displayed by response and action to your questions and needs. Anyone who has had edema for 2 years should know why they have edema, how it should be treated and what is the expected outcome of the treatment.  

I'll say it again, you deserve better answers from your physician. Please make an appt and discuss this with him/her again. If he doesn't respond to your satisfaction than in my opinion you need to make some decisions. I wish you the very best. Please take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing. Good Luck, Tuck
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