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back pain

have a pain in the lower middle left side of my back. i=It comes back now and again however something triggers the pain off. It feels as though a joint has been jolted which is resticting my movement .
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hi, try hot water bag and lite massage with castor oil
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Hi Charli,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your intermittent pain.

I agree with Ballard, this sounds like a muscle strain. Muscle strain can be very painful and take months to heal. However it could be something more serious. Can you better explain what you mean by a "joint being jolted?"

I don't know your general age of your activity level. Do you do repetitive tasks? If you could add more information we may have better suggestions.

By all means you should consult with your PCP. In the meantime warm moist heat and resting the area may be beneficial. Also consult your local pharmacist for a suggestion on a NSAID that might help relieve the pain and any inflammation.

We'll look forward to your updates.  

Take Care... and Please keep in touch,
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Could possibly be a pulled/strained muscle that you continue to aggrivate or also a possibility that something could be going on with your kidney(which is also located in that area).  Would be good to be checked out by a doctor.
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