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can 2 different medicines containing simular ingredients come up as a different medicine in a urine test

i am aware that i broke my contract when i took this cough syrup, i will take that up with my doctor, my question is i am prescribed oxycodone,  I had a bad sore throat and was offered some presription cough syrup,it was prometh/vc codeine syrup, my question is the meth in promethazine and the meth in methadone  and other medicines with meth in the name all the same type of meth.. and the done in oxycodone, hydracodone, methadone the same done. if i was to take the promethazine and my oxycodone isnt it possible that the meth in promethazine and the done on oxycodone could show up as methadone, it has to because i have never taken methadone in my life., and it showed up in my urine test as methadone please respond to this as the only thing that works for my bad hip is the oxycodone, wich there are taking away from me, and also they tell me i can look for a knew doctor for my pain medicine, regardless of this mistake wont the next doctor not want to give me any pain meds because of this bad urine test?
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Promethazine is not a narcotic like methadone.  It would not show up on a drug screen that is specifically ordered to look for narcotics.  If a wider screen is ordered, then it would show up as what it is - promethazine, brand name phenergan.

You jeopardized your pain treatment by breaking your contract.  I'm unsure if the cough medicine you obtained came off the streets or was prescribed by a doctor.  Obviously your chances of being believed to have made a mistake will be higher if it was prescribed for you.  No pain doc will look kindly on that kind of behavior.  There is no way of predicting if your doctor will disharge you or not; nor can anyone predict if you will have difficulty finding another doctor in the future.  Your only choice is to man-up and tell your doctor you messed up and throw yourself on his mercy.  Good luck.  :-)
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Yeah, Jaybay said it well. You should talk to your doctor and tell him what happened.

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Even breaking your contract with the codiene would get you into a heap of trouble.  I can not tell you what your future of pain management is going to be.  If I were you, I'd start looking for a new doctor right away.  This could be put down in your records and it will be up to the new doctor to look at your previous records.  I'm unsure if this will put of a red flag in your name.  If you are red flagged, you will have a very difficult time finding someone who will treat you with opioid therapy.  Get a copy of your records also.  You are entitled to obtain your records at any time.

You did break the contract and really have no one to blame, but yourself.  I'm not saying this to be mean, but saying it because it is the truth.  I follow my contract to a T.  I know how important it is to recieve good care.  It sounds like you are looking for an excuse for the bad test.  Even if you did follow the rules and didn't break the contract, the test could result in a false reading and there is nothing you can do about it.  It's very sad and frightening.  It happens to so many people and they are kicked out of pain management.

I personally would never take anything thing from anybody.  Not even if they said it was over the counter.  I provide myself with all my medicines, therefore I would never run into this problem.  

I do wish you luck in finding a new doctor.  I hope you are able to find someone who will treat you well. I was dropped from a pain management doctor from getting a second opinion with a surgeon outside their practice.  The pain management doctor will drop you at any time for any reason.  

If you don't find a pain clinic before your meds run out, go to your PCP for care until you find another pain managment clinic.  
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thankyou for your input on my qustion/ pretty much answers my ?
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