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can someone please believe me

im on here cause i have alot of health problems and it seems as if no one believes how much pain im in and they dont want to hlp. for one i have endometrosis i think that is how u spell it sorry. but the pain from that expecially when it is that time of the month is horriable to the point i cant move and i dont know what to do about it and the docters that i go to dont seem to want to help or give me something for pain that really works they have me on tramadal and it doesnt work at all. i dont have insurance and i cant keep paying for docters that wont help me. the other thing that is wrong i have 3 slipped discs in my back and pinched nerves and one craked disc with all that combine i am misable and i dont know what to do and cant find anyone to help me. with all that going on i have really bad migranes. could someone please help me if anyone knows how to relive the pain at all. thank you
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I believe your in pain and I am so sorry your having such a difficult time getting help.
You can try heat/ice and relaxing, there are some mild exercises you can do also. I really hope you do get to feeling a little better at least, I wish you all the luck in finding a Dr that will treat you. Don't give up I know it is frustrating but you will find one who will listen and understand just don't give up hope.
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Hi BabyGirl,

Welcome to the community!

I dont know too much about back pain. But I do have endo also and I know how bad it can be. It is truely a nightmare sometimes.
And to have pain in both the core of your body and in your back which helps support you must effect everything you do. I can understand your frustration for not getting the help you need. Tramadol can be helpful to some people but doesnt work for everyone.

As Sandee said above you may want to try heat/ice and ask your DR about some excersizes to do at home.
Just dont use too much heat on your abdomen. It has been shown to cause problems with the apendix and can burst blood vessels if heat is on your skin for too long. Maybe get one of those pads you can get in the drug store that are disposable. Even a heating pad for your back and use it on your abdomen only with light heat for only a short time(I learned my lesson the hard way!)

Have you had a laperscopy for the endo yet?
I know at this point you dont have insurance so that may not be an option. But they can laser some of the endo out sometimes and then put you on hormones to keep it from growing back.
Maybe you can ask your gyno about the pill or depot. Depot can make your menstration lighter and lighter over time and may eventually stop them. When your mont menstarting your body doesnt produce more endo. It cant take away what is already there but because endo is misplaced tissue from your uterus lining, they can inflame just like when you have your cycle and not having one or making it really light can stop or lower the pain.
I believe you get them every three months. Alot of women have found them helpful(my body cant take hormones) and hey...the chance for no period can never be bad news!

If you have done all this and nothing has worked, you may want to ask your gyno for a referal to a pain management DR so you can give your hard earned money to someone that could possibly give you better options to manage the pain. A PM may only see you for abdominal pain if you have exhausted every option. But if you dont want hormones you may just see if they can do something for you. Obviously you need something more for your menstral cycles.
I know how painful it can be. Even the pain in between your cycle. But when your period comes it can feel so bad that you cant imagine ever standing up again. I know...and you deserve to be treated. So keep trying for as long as the money will allow.

I also drink alot of chamamile, mint and ginger tea because its really safe with medications unless you have a ragweed allergy.
They do have either anti-spasmatic and anti-inflamatory properties or can help to relax your body. If you can get a combo of chamomile and mint thats even better.
If you have a store mearby that sells herbal teas or herbal suppliments you should check it out.
Also hot baths with epsom salts. There so great because epsom salt dulls nereve pain and can help your body relax.

I hope you find a DR to believe what your saying very soon. It took me a while too. But it was worth it when someone finally helped me. So keep on fighting to be heard and try to get a referal to a PM DR if you can.
You'll be in my thoughts.

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Are the slipped discs cervical or lumbar? With Lumbar Slipped discs and cracked as well, you are a candidate for surgery. What state do you live in? I might be able to help you find a great orthopedic specialist that can set you up on a charity basis. Many Hospitals and clinics have moneys available for people in need of medical help. My Husband qualified for hernia surgery that the hospital paid for due to our financial situation. We have a flooring business that was really slow this past winter due to 90+ inches of snow that fell so they were gracious enough to help. Check into it and find an Orthopedist. Mollyrae
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today was i think the most horriable day that i had, but in the end i did find some comfort i was able to go to the hospital and get a script for a few pills so atleast i will be able to sleep tonight and tomarrow i just wasnt able to take the pain any longer, and i am also greatful to everyone on here that has helped me get through the horrible days, i wouldnt of beleaved how much this site helps i though my husband was lying lol but it does help me get throught the days. good luck to you all,  till tomarrow


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