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cervical DDD

Hello:  I had a cervical MRI done a week ago last Monday.  I got copy of My report and CD. but I have not heard from the Neurosurgeon as of today.  I am in so much pain.  It took a month to the MRI prescription.  Even though I told them I did not need authorization for MRIs they  insisted in asking for one.  A month later they were still waiting for the authorization!! I got so frustrated that they finally called the radiology department and order the MRI.  I have lots of problems it seems with my neck.  From arthristis to degenerative disc disease.  Also there is an advanced right sided neural foraminal narrowing.  Narrowing and desiccation at the C3-C4 disc level.  also at same level I have facet arthropathy present with ventral osteophyte formation.  DDD with narrowing and desiccation of C4-C5.  There is a focal Central C4-C5 disc bulge. This disc bulge abuts the cervical cord.  Mild facet arthropathy is precent.  DDD present at the C5-C6 disc level.  Annular disc bulging with osteophytic bar formation and ancinate process hypertrophy.  Facet hypertrophy is also present.  There is a mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.  DDD, narrowing and desiccation are present at the C6-C7 disc level.  there is annular disc bulging.  The C2-C3 vertebras are calcified together.  They call it fused together.  This may have been caused by the fall when I was 8 months old.  Also there is a hyperintense focus within the right lateral margin of the T1 vertebral bodies suggestive of a hemangioma.  I know that there are a lot of words and I dont understand most of them, but it seems that it explains the reason  I am in so much pain!!!  If you have any advice please feel welcome to write to me.  Thanks in advance
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Hi Elie,

Yes the MRI report defines reasons for your pain. DDD and narrowing alone is painful. Are you being treated for this pain? Is there a plan?

It makes me so angry when the medical delivery system moves so slowly. It's as if they have no concept or concern for the pain and questions we are going through. Where was your PCP in all this? Was she/he not able to move things along? And now what is she/he doing about the results, have they been explained to you?

Remember we hire our physicians, they are service providers and if they do not give good service it is time to hire another. They are not God's though some of them beleive that they are. I am blessed to have a wonderfully caring PCP. I hope you have one also and if you don't I suggest that you search for one.

Please keep in touch and let us know how your journey is progressing. I will look forward with interest to your updates.

Take Care,
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thanks for your advice, I just heard from the neurosurgeon about an hour ago.  I am so frustrated.  His assistant called me and said that there is nothing he can do.  That I have DDD but there is no neurological reason for my pain!!!.  I cant believe that.  He had no recommendations,  I asked her if she had any?  She responded maybe physical therapy can help.  I can not even move my neck without pain.  My head  is so numb everyday is driving me crazy.  My arms, neck, head, spine and legs burn constantly.  I just dont know what to do!! I can not understand the medical profession anymore.  It's like they really don't care.  Thanks for allowing me to vent.  Love and Light Elie    
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See another physician. Although you may not be a candidate for surgery there are other treatments. Return to your PCP or make an appt with a neurologist...not a surgeon. If they cannot help you than see a PMP.

Don't give up. You do not have to live with this constant chronic pain. There is nothing that they can do to help me. It was difficult to accept but those are the facts. Through some treatments and pain medications I am at least able to function. So be assertive and refuse to live with the kind of pain that you are experiencing.

Keep in touch. You can vent any time.
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