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cold leg pain

Has anyone had the experience of suddenly feeling like a part of your body was ice cold.  For the last few nights, my legs were so cold.  So cold, it woke me up and kept me up.  It is not cold to the touch though, just perceived as cold.  I just can not shake the cold feeling, the rest of me is comfortable. Can someone please explain
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I get the same thing in my legs and knees sometimes too. I believe it is poor circulation.
I know when I sit on my legs or sleep a certain way that cuts off circulation it is worse.
I would ask your doctor though to make sure you do not have other things going on as well:)
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Mine are extremely cold to the touch and I haven't figured out what is going on yet.  I am still looking into it.  I don't know what perception would mean.
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I don't want to scare anyone, but the cold and abnormal feelings ranging from burning to freezing CAN also be a symptom of multiple sclerois. It's worth getting checked by your GP then maybe a neurologist as well, Almost anything can be a first symptom of MS. There are many medication now to arrest (stop) MS pretty well where it is so it doesn't get much worse over time--if you start them soon enough. After having MS 36 years, trust me---look into it now. Best of luck and blesings too! Jane in Indiana
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I have had cold legs for years usually more in my left leg I have tried leg warmers, blankets wraped around that leg. At times it is so cold I feel like it could just break off I have talked this over with my doctor and he says it is not poor circulation but doesn't know what is causing it I am very frustrated as no one can tell me why this happens

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