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confused & need advice

My doctor whom I just started seeing back in February prescribed me 60 10/325...Like all patients I have to go to his office and pick up a paper script I have great health coverage. My question on here before I contact the office (his front office staff are EXTREMELY RUDE) The dosage on the bottle says "take 1 every 4 hours OR as needed for Pain" he only prescribes me 60...well my math says 4 x 15 = 60 therefore  I do not have a month supply I have a 15 day supply. When I was there today I wanted to check  on my next face to face visit with him which is June 14th which I was informed he will be on vacation that week so they scheduled me with the other Doctor he is partners with. I told his nurse I would rather wait till he get back the following week and the nurse said " well you will not get your prescription refill till then"? Should I contact them tomorrow and explain I do not even have a months supply that on the 26th is when I will need more??? And if they only prescribe another 15 day supply then I will be BACK again on June 11th...Why on earth is he doing it like this???? A friend of mine goes to him and he write her a Whole month supply and we have the exact same insurance??? This is really confusing can someone explain or offer advice for when I have to contact his office staff and they are nasty as all H3LL and help me with my verbiage when speaking to those oh so helpfull girls??

Thank SO much!!!
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This world of pain control is soooo confusing.  When the bottle says "as needed"  generally that's not what it means.  Apparently he wants you to survive on 2 a day.  I'll go out on a limb here and guess that's not going to cut it.

Yes, do call the office. Try to schedule another face to face with your dr. as soon as you can.  Some doctors are understanding and others are not.  Hopefully yours is.  Just explain that in order for you to be functional, you will need more than 2 a day.  Try to keep calm when speaking with him.  I've broken down into tears before with a pain doc and it didn't help my cause.

As for the office witches, be cool and businesslike with them.  As much as you'd like to pop off at them, don't.  You might casually mention to your doctor that his help is less than helpful.  But I wouldn't hit that one too hard.

Good luck.  Please let us know what your doctor says.  
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You got great advice above. I just wanted to add that you need to be very clear and precise when speaking with the "office Staff". Tell them you know they are very busy but would they please take just a moment and schedule you to see your doctor as you have not received enough medication for the month. Kindness goes a long way. Also when speaking to the doctor do not get upset just explain that you need more medication than he is prescribing to control your pain levels.
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Hi Going2win:

Unfortunately, the key word is "as needed" this gives the Doctor the right to prescribe the 60 per month. If your script said " take 1 every 4 hrs. for pain" and didn't include the " as needed"...he would prescribe 180 per month.

What you need to do is ask him for an increase if possible. As for the staff, there is no call for that. And again, unfortunately, many of us Chronic Pain Patients get labeled by office staff as being drug seekers or addicted and not really in pain 24/7 as we know so well.

Talk with your Doctor about the staff and better yet, contact the Patient Advocate rep. They will help you resolve the issues with his staff. That is what they are for.

Good luck to you and stay strong.
My best,
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Unfortunately, your current script may last you even less time than you thought - if you were to take them 1 every 4 hours, you theoretically could take 6 per day, which means a script of 60 pills could only last for 10 days, not the 15 that you thought.  I don't mean to be a 'downer" here, just didn't want you to think you had a 15 days' supply and then in actuality end up running out in 10 days if you were to take all that is permitted per day, every day.

As stated in a post above, since the doctor wrote it also saying "or as needed", he doesn't have to prescribe the number of pills that he normally would if he just said to take a certain number of tablets every certain number of hours.  In all honesty, he doesn't HAVE to prescribe a certain number of tablets in any case - it's at his discretion as to what to prescribe.  Some doctors prefer prescribing a smaller number of pills per prescription and either adding on refills (if permitted by law depending on the medication) or approving refills when you call in for them.  One ortho surgeon that I went to prescribed my pain meds in 30 day amounts, but when he referred me to another surgeon (who was more of an "expert" in my problem), his office prefers to prescribe a 15 day supply with refills available (same medication as the other doctor had prescribed).

As for what to do - definitely call the office and calmly explain that the doctor prescribed you only 60 pills to be taken 1 every 4 hours or as needed for the pain.  Explain that if you were to need to take them at the 4 hour increments, you most definitely would not have enough to last you until you are able to see the doctor again.  Then ask them if they would please check with the doctor before he leaves for vacation if he will either give you another script before he goes on vacation (if it wouldn't be too early for the refill) - or at least put a note in your chart that it's ok for his partner to give you a script for the meds while he is gone.  Sometimes doctors will not permit another doctor who is covering for them in their absence to do any prescribing for their patients - even if the covering doctor is in the same office as your regular doctor.

It takes time to build up a trusting relationship between yourself and your doctor, so the more calm, pleasant and honest you are with your doctor, the easier and quicker this trust will be to form.  The same goes with the office staff.  Like doctors, the office staff sometimes have to deal with people who are simply drug seeking, so sometimes they can sort of build up a wall with patients and not seem friendly or helpful.  This, too, may change as they get to know you as a patient and you get to know them.  Since you're a relatively new patient there, they all may still have not achieved that level of confidence in you.  It certainly wouldn't hurt to mention it to your doctor, however, how you've been treated by the office staff.  It could be that other patients have had the same experience and unless someone speaks up, if there is a problem, there's nothing he can do about it.

Best of luck.
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The question that comes to my mind is how many times a day?  How many "every 4hrs" does he mean? My rx says take two tablets three times a day.  No "as needed" and it is very clear... perhaps talk to him and explain you would like the instructions to be very clear.  The instructions can change from the rx written on the paper to pharmacy typing it on the bottle depending on who fills it.  I believe that the doctor will respect you for managing your medicine and being serious about it....    
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Thank you all!! What great advice you all took the "time" to write back :-) I can't tell you what it means to know other people care..Especially in today's world...
Mollyrae wrote:
"And again, unfortunately, many of us Chronic Pain Patients get labeled by office staff as being drug seekers or addicted and not really in pain 24/7".

That IS Exactly How they have made me feel each time I have had to go to the office to pick up a script. When I first started going to this doctor ( Originally I had a GREAT doctor, unfortunately he didn't participate in my health care that I FINALLY got through my employer so that is the ONLY reason for going to a new doctor) back in February my first initial visit was alright. They were laughing and joking with me and now - I get the dirtiest look and worst attitude when I'm in there???  I to am a very nice and upbeat person but they just drag you down and everyone else that's sitting there.

It's just so discouraging...Oh how I wish my old doctor took my health insurance- He was my doctor for 8 years and what a good guy he is. But once I developed these pains in my hands, knees & feet in  late of 2008 the cost out of pocket back then when I didn't have insurance for blood work was close to $600.00 along with X-Rays. So I lived with the pain until I was hired in October of 2009 and that's when I had to look for a new doctor. One that was similar to him. A good friend told me of him and warned me about the office staff...but she is not a nice person so I assumed she was exaggerating...WRONG. So, yes, He is a very good listener, even kind but what you have to go through in order to have a decent doctor???? I guess ya gotta give up one  to have another??
Again thank you all for your comments...I will be calling at 9:30 a.m. this morning so wish me luck :)
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I'm so sorry for what you are having to go thru while your pain is so uncontrollable. It must be TOTALLY unbearable!!!

I just had a thought. You say that the Dr. that you had such a great relationship with doesn't take your insurance that you have from your employer. My insurance was switched on me when  lived in TN and my Dr. that I had been going to since 2003 didn't take the type that they switched me to. I was going to have to find a new Dr. and I didn't want to because he was such a fine Dr. SOOOO I got up the courage to ask him if he would consider accepting the new insurance and he said that he would do what was necessary to get on their plan. He did and I was eternally grateful to him. Why don't you call them and talk to him and see if there is ANYWAY that he would consider doing that for you. It requires a lot of paperwork but you never know if you don't ask.

Try to remember no matter how rude the office staff is you MUST NOT be rude back to them AT ALL. The Dr.'s usually don't like it when you diss the office staff to them. They are extremely loyal to them as they may have been the one to hire them. Choose your words VERY carefully when saying ANYTHING derogatory to the Dr. about them. You also never know it may be part of his family working out there. Always be patient and NEVER lose your temper with them. They might just be having a bad day like we do sometimes. If you are always kind to them it will be to your benefit in the long run.

You didn't say what your meds are. Are they Hydrocodone or Oxy's, etc.?  I used to have an orthopedic Dr. in TN that would only give you 1 WEEKS supply at a time. That is until he botched me surgery. After that I was the ONLY patient in his practice that got a full months hydrocodone at a time. NOt only that but he would give me refills also. However, I would have much preferred to have a successful surgery and the once a week pills. :)

Please let us know how it goes and best of luck to you....Sherry
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Thanks for sharing your idea - I did try try and ask but for some strange reason my insurance is United Health Care and his office no longer participates with them?? They didn't go into the reasons "why" but the only ones they use are Blue Cross, and Aetna. He is a clinical psychologist and MD. He is a well established doctor of 35 years in my town and helped me through my fathers death and after years of fighting with 2 other doctors from 1999 to 2002 & being used as a guinea pig for them to try out antidepressants on me when I was not depressed . He was a god send. But as I stated when you pay out of pocket blood work and X-Rays are so very expensive. He would have gladly prescribed the Percocet 10/325 for me but he needed to have blood work in order to prescribe what he knew I needed for my pain. He would every three months prescribe me 12 but that was the best he could do with out proper documentation and now that I have the results confirming  I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis I contacted his office and asked them to PLEASE contact me if in the future they do participate with United. I told  his Kind caring front office staff what I was going through with the new doctor and his office staff  and they apologized over & over saying how sorry they were for not being able to help.
I did contact the nurse at my now current doctor explaining the amount of 60 prescribed yesterday and how I will have be back in less than 15 days since I am taking 1 every 4 hours - I get up at 5 a.m. every morning to be at work at 7 until 5 then I do not go to bed till 11:00 because I come home to my other job as  MOM  (dinner, dishes, laundry ect;). So taking 1 every 4 hours is 5 pills a day.....she said she would have to get back with me after she discusses it with the doctor. I was going to mention that it's not that easy to ask for time off at my job as often as I have to but I declined and took everyone's advise on basically being overly nice to them since they can hurt you by not getting your script ready when you need it.
I assume I will hear back when they make there decision or figure out the dosage isn't accurate for me.....
Again thank you for replying and I will be back on with my update soon :)
Thanks all!!!!
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That's truly a shame about your "good" Dr. no longer taking United. (That's my supplemental ins. with my Medicare. I agree it is FANTASTIC insurance.) Usually when they no longer participate in an insurance plan it has to do with the amount of reimbursement that the ins. co. is willing to give to the Dr. It maybe that he just can't afford to participate in that plan anymore.

Great idea you had in contacting them and having them contact you IF they ever participate with them anymore.

Sorry it didn't work out!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle with your "good" Dr....Sherry
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Well I just spoke to one of the office staff and her reply was that I will have to WAIT till my June 14th appt to discuss my meds and the amount. The amount prescribed has to last til then??? That was all she could tell me...I am so upset right now.
I just don't understand...I know other people that get 80 mg Oxycontin from him for a bulging disk and they get 174 a month???? Things like this really get me fired up and I will be in rare form come June 14th
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Just out of curiosity what has he been prescribing for you before this script? How many and how long were they to last?....

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Hi Sherry-
My original face to face appointment with him was February 25th, 2010. he prescribed me 60 then said get blood work completed and we will "go from there on your dosage". He said I have to come in when I run out for a paper script for the Percocet's which I did on February 12th then again February 25th. When I called in on March 11th the said they had not received my blood work...That was ANOTHER fiasco because I did go March 4th, 2010 and they lost it I was told until they receive my blood work they could not write one till then. I went back to the Lab for more work in late April due to my work schedule. I then had to call and find out it they had received it because every time I would they would say "we will CALL YOU" . So I Finally called them Monday told them I need a script for my pain and why is there a hold up. That is when I went yesterday and picked it up at 4:45 after WAITING ALL DAMN DAY I drove to there office and called from the parking lot and was told at that time "you have one ready".
This has been a complete joke. I do have a friend that gets a script from him for ...get this 150 Percocet's along with 174 80 mg Oxycontins and she had been helping me out until all of this was straightened out...which I do have no idea WHY this is happening. I do not get pain meds from any other doctor they called my pharmacies and checked that out ( my new doctors office did) so I do not know why I am being singled out??

so basically 60 10/325 would last me 12 to 15 i did get 3 paper scripts and yesterday was  my 4th for the same only difference is I was told I can not come in until June 14th when It's my scheduled appt.
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Hi!  This entire situation seems unreasonable to me.  Your doctor doesn't seem to be taking your pain seriously.  Are you comfortable with staying with this doctor?  It shouldn't be this hard.  If you can hang in with this doctor until June 14th, you should CALMLY discuss this entire matter with him.  You shouldn't be treated this way.

Unfortunately sometimes we put up with this abuse simply because we hurt and need our pain meds.  And switching doctors is a major ordeal and we can't be sure it will be better with another doctor.

I really feel for you.  You're in a difficult situation.  I hope the doctor makes the changes to your treatment that will get you out of pain.
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Something is going on for sure. What causes your pain?  Do they have x-rays, tests results, etc. to document your pain? The reason I'm asking is that may be the difference between what you get and your friend gets. Unless they are documented not just to the disease ( I realize that you have Rheumatoid Arthritis) but to the severity of the disease, it would make tremendous difference in the amount of medication that you would receive.

You also mentioned that you couldn't get away to go and have the blood work done from your March11th appointment until late April, which is probably making them think that you must not have been in that much pain as it was not a priority in your busy schedule. Dr.s figure that you are going to be sure that you get ANY necessary testing done to be able to get your meds so you can try to be as comfortable as possible.

You getting pills from your friend was a VERY bad idea because then you weren't in pain and therefore didn't make it a priority to get the test done. So that probably definitely worked against you unfortunately.

I hope that you have NEVER mentioned to them that your friend gets a much higher number of pills than you do because that would send up RED FLAGS that you were just after the pills and not the pain control itself.

Your best bet is to QUIT taking someone else's pills and try to get by on these that he is giving you even though that will be VERY difficult because if he does a drug test and finds more in your system than he has given you a script for he more than likely  will dismiss you from his practice and then you've REALLY got a problem because he WILL red flag your file.

Please just be careful and TOE THE LINE with this Dr. because even if his staff isn't the friendliest it sounds like he's a pretty good Dr. because he listens to you. Just remember it takes a long time to get the meds right so that your pain is under control.

One other thing to keep in mind is if they find out about the extra pills your friend would also be red flagged and have to find another Dr.  I know you would be devastated by that because I can tell what a caring person you are. Just be careful.

One thing you might not know about the staff of the pain clinics staff is that a lot of times the Dr.s use them as their eyes and ears for trying to figure out who REALLY  needs the pills and who might just be a druggie. That may be why their staff hasn't warmed up to you yet, because they don't know you that well. Just give them time and I bet that you will find that they will treat you differently.

I can tell that your pain is extremely bad but just be sure that you do what they require of you so that you can get the relief that you deserve.

Hope this helps you some. Hope it makes some sort of sense to you.

Best wishes and good luck. I'll be looking forward to your next post...Sherry
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Thanks Sherry and I guess I should have specified when I said my friend helped me out- she could only spare maybe 25 for the entire month of April..I suffered the rest of the time. As for the Lab I did go back twice and the first time they had me wait 2 hours!!! I had to get back to work so I walked out. I made an appointment for the next one and AGAIN..waited another 2 hours and had to leave. I sent the info to the doctor with a letter explaining that I attempted but the lab for my insurance is the worst and I am not the only one they have so many complaints against them...( My employment is hourly not salary) and my boss is not the nicest when you ask for all the time off that I was asking (Long story)  Keeping my job and just having to deal with the pain is something I have had to go through for so long now that sometimes I think this will be my life forever. I work out as much as possible...nothing like before I got hit with this...I try to walk at least a half a  mile when I used to RUN 5 miles, 4 days a week...I'm only 43 and to me that's not old...
I will have an in depth conversation with my doctor June 14th. and hopefully this will all be straighten out.

thanks again and I will keep ya posted on my situation..
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I feel so sorry for you having to deal with all of this and STILL be able to work each day and cope with everything going on. You are an amazing person to say the least.  I didn't figure you friend was able to give you very much or she would be in horrible pain.

Adding that letter to your Dr. was perfect because he will put that into your file and therefor any and all Dr.s that may help you in the future will have an automatic reason for the lapse in time for the test and won't question anything because you've already explained what happened. There's also a pretty good chance that the Dr. might already know that the Lab doesn't have a very good record for punctuality from reports from other patients of his.

Getting time off from work in this economy can be very difficult because you DON'T want to give your boss ANY REASON to complain about your work on the job.

Unfortunately, you will be dealing with this pain fo the REST of you life. We can never expect to be pain free the most that we can expect is to be able to tolerate it and have some quality of life!! I know because I have had my arthritis since I was 28 years old and I'm now almost 64 years old. The Dr.s figure that it began when I was around 15 years old.

Thank you for explaining it in more detail, it really helps to understand it better.

Try and take care of yourself as best you can and let us know how it goes...Sherry
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And Good morning To All on this site

Just wanted to check in Sherry & say "Hello"....and post you an update....and everyone else that has shown so much compassion on here ... I've been in such pain the past 2 days and taking the dosage 1 every 4 hours just doesn't work for me?? So, today, like every other day I start my day at 5 a.m. but I decided I was going take 2 not 1 of my percocet 10/325 and that has given me  tremendous relief. I know I should "follow" the As Directed but I have to have a better quality of life. I realize I will be out of my medication much sooner (June 14th's appt) if I continue to take them this way but since my appointment is a month away I can at least have some type of  "life". I awake every morning with the most intense pain in my hands and feet that I feel as if someone smashed them with a hammer. My feet, well lets just say it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes of doing my yoga stretches and deep breathing while waiting for my meds to kick in. I sit on my living room floor while my family sleeps, usually sobbing for the first 5 minutes and then gather myself and repeat over and over "I can do this, my son needs me".
So, Today when I decided to take two for my Rheumatoid Arthritis as apposed to 1 at 5:15 a.m. I have not felt the horrible sharp painful throbbing in my hands and feet as I normally do. I still feel it, just not to the point where I break down & cry.  I have not taken my second dosage and it is 11:00 a.m.- 6 hours have passed- I have been taking care of my very sick cat. (Yes- I know...it's Murphy's law) He has what the vet believes to be Kidney failure so even tho I took 2  I have had the ability to clean the garage which is where he wants to be ( it's warmer) and I have found lots of spots where he has gone pee pee. Our garage is very organized so it wasn't hard to find his little spots. And if you have one or know someone that does have a cat...there pee smell is the worst...but he has been a part of the family for 10 years so I will make him as comfortable as I can...
Anyhow, I will wait it out, keep busy, maybe even go for a 20 minute walk around my neighborhood before it gets any hotter than it already is (Fla. heat)  Just wanted to keep in touch....

Thanks and have a great weekend- I would love to have one, That's for sure :-)

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Good Morning Kim,

I'm so sorry that your pain is terrible for you this morning. Maybe when you go back for your appt. in June (or maybe you could get him to ok this over the phone for you) if you explain how it's the very worst for you in the morning he might ok 2 percs in the morning for you to help you get over the rough spots. (Thank heavens for the delete key if all you guys ever saw my original typing and spelling I'd  NEVER hear the end of it .LOL)

If you can put off your next pill for 2 hours and then make your next one last 2 hours longer than it's suppossed to maybe you won't come up so short before your appt. Just a thought maybe to help a some.

Kim, I know EXACTLY what you mean about your sweet Kitty. When we moved to Anthem, AZ last July (it's near Phoenix) I had to make the worst choice I've ever had to make and that was to put my precious 18 1/2 year old Katie Kitty to sleep because the trip and change was going to be way to difficult for her. She, too was ill and it just wasn't fair to ask her to be in that type of pain and have to be enclosed in a cat carrier for 8 days because we had to be in hotels while the house was being packed because I have an autistic granddaughter that couldn't be around all of that commotion. So I held Katie as she went to Kitty Heaven and I know that she's up there with my husband who passed away from diabetes when he was 52 years old and she was his kitty from day 1.

I know about the Florida heat and you are so correct to be taking those walks early. My husband was form Kissimmee and we made many trips yearly for the 16 years that we were married. At least in AZ there is basically NO humidity.

Thanks for keeping us informed, I was wondering how you were doing. By the way you have the same name that my beautiful daughter does and she's going to be 41 next week.

Please take care and TRY to make your meds last, i just don't want you to be in severe pain and withdrawals. I sent you a Friend request. Talk with you later....Sherry
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I find rude office staff to be very frustrating.  Years ago, when my pain started getting bad, I was seeing an orthopedic for my hands.  I liked the doctor well enough (at least until I later found out he gave me way too many cortisone injections which brought on additional trouble.)  But his office staff was sooooo rude, particularly the one you had to speak to about making appointments.  I used to dread calling for an appointment.

He also was difficult to get an appointment with because he worked with a couple of different practices and you couldn't just go to whichever one he was at.  So his office hours were somewhat limited.  At one point I was having a terrible flare up and called for an appointment.  I was told by Rude Ruth that I couldn't see him for nearly a month.  I actually started crying.

When my insurance changed, I changed doctors, and it was the best thing (I guess) that ever happened.  My doc hadn't been doing what he should.  When I got new x-rays, the new doctor was stunned at the deterioration in my left hand.  Then I started on this journey of chronic pain and RSD and bad arthritis.

I think it's terrible that some doctors go off on vacation and leave their patients in the lurch.  They should always make sure you're able to get whatever medications you need and that there's someone covering for them that will take care of any flare-up.  So many covering doctors are afraid to prescribe a med increase or deal with things that come up.  (I'm lucky in that my PCP is a great backup if I can't reach who I see at the Pain Clinic.  It's unusual since I see the nurse practitioner and also one of the doctors and one of them is usually available.  But after the Haiti earthquake, the doctor took of very suddenly to work down there and the nurse practitioner was out at a conference or on vacation.  I was in a really bad spot and the covering doctor didn't want to deal with it.  I called my primary care and she took care of it.  She does get copies of everything from both my surgeon and the pain clinic, and she and I have a great relationship for about 11 years.)

Best of luck.
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Thank you for replying to my post on May 17th..I don't know how I missed it- I am on everyday???... . Well I am officially out of my meds as of this morning. Again, the thoughts of having to contact that office makes my stomach churn....I got my script for 60 filled May 11th and on May 14th the pain was so intense I decided to take 2 and that alleviated my pain tremendously!!!! But I could only do that once- taking 1 every 4 hours as needed for pain is exactly what I had to do.
Now this really gets me all pissed off:  I ran into an old friend Ihaven't seen in 2 or 3 years and ALL of his pain meds for his head on collision say the same thing take 1 to 2 every 4 hours as needed and he is prescribed 300 Percocet's and 300 15 mg Roxycodones for break through pain and gets them EVERY 28 days???? he showed me his bottles. So WHY does my doctors "front office meanies" tell me that,- "just because it says take 1 every 4 hours  as needed for pain, that they don't expect me to take 4 a day??" WHAT???  Does that make since?? How can one persons meds say practically the SAME but my doctor says NO??

And to top it off they had a layoff at my company and I was one of the many that are now unemployed-my insurance runs out the end of May and my next face to face appointment isn't until June 14th?? I feel just sick right now!

I do hope that I can get in and see him before the end of the month to straighten out my issue with under prescribing me meds for the pain I am in.

Wish me luck I sure need it!

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Oh Kim,

I'm so sorry your having to go through that!  It really doesn't make sense to why you only get 60 and others get much more.  I totally agree with what everyone else is saying on this board.  I think one, you should call and talk with the office manager, and see if you can get in before the end of May and explain about your insurance lapsing.  I also think you will need to patiently explain to the doctor that you feel your pain isn't being covered adequately with the amount of medication that he or she is providing for you.  I do think that the other people that you have spoken to have had the doctor for a lot longer than you probably have.  Your doctor maybe just starting to realize what is going on with your pain symptoms.  I know that I take vicodin 7.5 1 three times a day and get 120 per month (and that's it.)  I also take tramadol.  Has anyone tried tramadol for you?  I can't take percocet, darvacet, or demerol as it makes me throw up about 30 minutes after taking it.  

I'm not sure how you will do it, whether start crying, or maybe keeping a pain chart for a couple of weeks and showing the doctor when your pain starts, and the level like from a 1 to a 10 and then maybe he will listen and assist you with upping your medications.  Do you feel that 120 would be enough to cover you for a month?  How did you feel after taking 2 of the pills at once?

Good luck, I really hope you do call in and try to get some sort of appointment before your insurance lapses!
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I just read a part of your notes that state that you have rheumatoid arthritis.  My rheumatoid doctor prescribed me tramadol for the pain in my hands and feet.  I also just was given a new medication called Savella, which I have never heard of, which I'll be trying as soon as they find out if I need surgery.  As I said earlier, I know you said the doctor is out of town, do you have any other doctor that you can go to and explain the prescription?  Or even take the prescription bottle in for the other doctor to see.  My primary care physician will occasionally write prescriptions for me, if my pain management doctor is not available to see me, or if my kidney stones are acting up and I can't get into the urologist.  The situation there is for the doctor to see the bottle and know what it says and see how many you have left, etc.. so he knows you are not over taking them.  

I also wanted to ask you if it could be possible that you have carpal tunnel?  I'm just curious because I had carpal tunnel in my hands, and they hurt so bad that I had to lay on them and I was always waking up in the middle of the night in agony.  I had the surgery and it helped tremendously.

Regarding your little kitty, I am so sorry.  I had to put down my Alex last year at age 11.  He also had kidney issues, and started hiding under the bed and lost six pounds in a few weeks.  I've never cried so much in my life as for losing my boy.  I still have Samantha and she is a huge help, she's full of love.

Anyway, I really hope some of what I've written helps, or at least gives you some ideas, or questions.  Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.  We all care!

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Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry for all of your continuing pain.  Before you make any calls to other Dr.s please remember that you CANNOT get  ANY narcotic scripts from ANY OTHER DR. I'm sure that you will remember it's just that it may sound ok to you but you know that you will be kicked out of your PM Clinic. You DEFINITELY don't want to do that. You know how difficult or if it's even possible to get in with another one once you have been RED FLAGGED!!  I know it's so very hard for you but PLEASE wait the next 2 1/2 to 3 weeks for your appt. (If you can't get in early).

Hi SunKitty60, do you go to a PM (Pain Management) Clinic or Dr.? If you don't you wouldn't know about the Pain Management Contracts that we all must  sign when we go to one.  At least most of us do. We are not allowed EVER to go to ANY OTHER Dr. than our PM Dr. for ANY type of pain medication. If we do and they find out, which they almost always do, then we are immediately dismissed from their practice and our charts are RED FLAGGED. It is extremely difficult to EVER get back in with one again. I'm sorry I see that you mention a pain Dr., did you not have to sign a contract? If not you are VERY lucky. If you did you are lucky that your PM Dr. allows this. It is very unusual.If he doesn't allow it and you did it on your own, PLEASE be careful as we don't want you to get Red Flagged! Just be careful. I'm not mentioning this to be mean at all, I'm just concerned as we see so many people come thru here that have made an error in regards to their PM Contracts and find themselves without an PM Medication for LIFE!! We don't want that to happen to anyone.

Kim, hang in there, as we are here for you!! Sending (Hugs) to you....Sherry
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Kim I don't know what happened but I lost the first part of my previous post somewhere. :)

I'm so very sorry for the predicament that you are in with your job and your insurance. Are you going to be able to get Cobra? If not can you go back to your "good" Dr. since you wil have to pay anyway? Is that even possible now? If you can, can you get in quickly with them? It's just a thought but I had to ask!! I don't know why your Dr. gave you so few meds but wrote the script the way that he did and didn't explain it to you at the time. Or will your insurance last thru this month (May) before it lapses?

You have had so many roadblocks thrown in your way, it just isn't fair to you at all!!

Please let us know what is going on so that we can help if we can...Sherry
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