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I am getting into a pain clinic. They want to see me for a consultation. Will they prescribe something then?
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I was prescribed Norco (which is what i've always been on) at my first appointment. So it is possible.
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Hi Grampy,

Yeah!! I'm so glad that you found a Pain Clinic!!

There's NO way to tell whether or not he will. Every Pain Clinic Aand EVERY Patient is different.   All you can do is to go and meet with them and find out what their rules are. They might have you follow some stricter rules for awhile until they are certain that you won't get anything from another Doctor.  BUT at least you will have pain control again.

If they do just be sure that you follow all of their rules and don't take ANY medication for pain from ANY one besides your PM Clinic. I sure don't want to see you have to go thru this again.  Bless your heart!!

When is your appointment?

Please let us know how it goes.  Good Luck......Sherry
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Thank you for the Note.

I wish you the VERY best on your appointment and look forward to hearing from you AFTERWARDS.

Your in my thoughts and Prayers......Sherry
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I do believe most pain management clinics do.  This last one gave me two weeks worth of medication, just in time for the lab results of the UA test to come back.  I went back two weeks afterwards and they gave me a months worth.  They did count what I had left from the previous doctor.  I've always been up front and honest with them.  You should be fine.  Good luck at your appointment.  I hope it goes well.
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I have only been to one pain managment doctor - I was referred by my neurosurgeon, If I remember correctly, in addition to signing the contract, paperwork, etc... he offered and I agreed to caudal injection and he also wrote a prescription for me. I want to say I also had a UA that day, but if I am wrong.. I certainly had one the next visit.

I was never required to see anyone before he could begin treating me but I have read here that others were..

I see that you wrote your appointment is for a consult - did they ask you to fill out paperwork in advance?

Good luck!! I am very glad you were able to find another doctor! Please let us know how the appointment goes!

When is your appointment?
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