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what is the conversion from fentanyl 25mcg/hr to oxycontin
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Google opiate conversion chart and you'll get a rough idea.  You can also ask your pharmacist.  It's not an exact science as everyone is different.  I tapered down ... well really just stopped the Fentanyl and used my breakthrough meds to try to taper down.  If you ate tapering to come off ecerything, I would suggest looking at the substance ause forum.  There are lots of thimgs you can take to help with any withdrawal symptoms.  Even though being dependent on a narcotic is different than being addicted, the physical symptoms are the same.  Fentanyl is a very potent drug and can be a little harder to come off than other narcitics.
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Hi mouse100,

I just read your post. The doctor that gave you these two prescriptions is
the best person to advise you. If you have been on fentanyl for a long
time, you will need to taper off gradually. As I said your doctor is the
best person to ask because they know your medical history. Your doctor
can also tell you how many oxycontin to take per day. I personally wouldn't
google this. These are questions you need to ask your doctor who is
familar with your medical history. Good luck. Eve
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