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cortisone injections

I have arthritis in my knee and i have had an op to shave some bone down and clean the cartlidge down i have been told i have a very degentative knee for my age and i have tried physio with no benifits and now my gp is startin cortisone injections i am very nervous about them and would like a bit of information and if any one else has had them and feel that they do help ?
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Hi Zipster,

Welcome to the Pain Management Community. So glad you found us and took the time to post. You are young to have degeneration of your knees.

"Bad Knees" runs in my family. Most every female has had to have a knee replacement. I was fortunate to miss it...so far...but I have fistulas in my posterior patellas. Surgery is on the horizon for me too. So my heart goes out to you. Knee pain is a horrible condition to have to live with day after day.

In my experience the steroid injections aren't really painful. None of us have found it so. However they are not "fun" either. Success rates in reducing pain varies...as does the length of time the injections are effective. Much depends on the extent of the disease, how skilled the practitioner is at the procedure and how your system responds to the treatment. Most everyone obtains some amount of pain relief. So if that is your concern, it's all individualized. However the majority of ppl do obtain relief. It's not horribly invasive and worth a try in my opinion.

I sincerely hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your updates. If you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to ask. Best of luck to you.

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HI tuck,
yeah the injection went well and luckly my GP's field of expertize is bones lol he detected the proplem on my first visit to him, i just dont see much hope for success as he has said he is only doing the injection the once and if i have another flair up i am to contact him and he will refer me back to my consultant as i have a lot of tenderness to the inside of my knee joint and inflamation also it does not give way anymore since i had my laposcopy but other than that the pain is horrible and tirin especially as i am in the care industry so it can be shift on my feet alot,

thanks again tuck
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