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cronic leg pain undiagnosed

I'll try anything!  I'm 45, male, never smoker or illegal drugs, hypertension controlled with Metoprolol (Lopressor).  Very rarely do I have alcohol anymore.  Married & 2 kids.

Ok, I've had pain in back of both knees and down legs for over 5 years.  I have had lots of testing and seen several doctor specialties... It started as a tingling in both knees for three days, went away for three weeks, then came back as a painful sensation and has worsened over the years.  Right now it's quite painful and distracting as I type this.  Some times I can block it out and not think about it.  Maybe because I'm accustomed to it.  But it's really hard to ignore it most times.  I do excercise 2-3 times a week on the treadmill for 20 minutes at 3.5 to 4mph and inclines starting at 3 and increasing to 10 degrees.  Not jogging because left knee has mild meniscus tear.

General Physician: vein sonogram, PAD test w/ 4 pressure cuffs on each leg, physical therapy sessions.

Neurology Doctor: MRI of lower spine, EMG nerve conductivity in legs, haven't seen him in 2 years. Maybe I should go back for more opinions.

Orthopedic Doctor: repeated EMG nerve conductivity in legs 2 years later (found mild neuropathy in right leg only), tried a few different drugs like Neurotin injection of corto-steroid in front side of knees (no effect).

Vascular surgeon: popliteal artery sonograms, more drugs, recommended quinine tonic water.

Rheumatology doctor's: CAT scan in legs (looking for muscle tears), Voltaren Gel, injection of lidocane mixture (if I remember right) again in front of knees (again no effect).

And that's it so far.  I'm sick and tired of being a medical mystery!  Opiod drugs were suggested to me on another board, but the rheumatology doctor said it would help for a little while then require larger dosages and get additive.

Then there are the big centers like Mayo Clinic, John Hopkin's, Cleveland, that I could have to take vacation and travel to see.

I see my general physician again for my hypertention checkup and need some ideas.  Please help!  Thank you for your time.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me.  There is an apothecary pharmacy in my city that probably has what you describe.  So I'll go look for it and give it a try.  Cheers!
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I started experiencing severe pain in both of my legs about 6 months ago. I purchase my vitamins and supplements from a Holistic Pharmacy and the woman used to be a Doctor in her Country of Romania. She recommended a whole food supplement that contained Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. I started it and after 3 days I noticed a big difference. I continue to take the supplement because I don't ever want to experience that leg pain ever again. I also take Wilson's Norweign Cod Liver Oil which is one of the purest forms of Vitamin D and if I don't take it for a few days then I notice that I get achy. I would mention it to your primary Physician. Request a blood test for your vitamin and mineral levels. It's nearly impossible for everyone to obtain the vitamins and minerals that our body needs through food only. There a lot of articles on vitamin and mineral deficiences. You can start by searching "lack of magnesium" and it will give you a list of symptoms,etc. I hope this information is helpful. I hope you feel much better soon!
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