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failed test

I've had 5 back surgeries fused L4-5 L5-S1 and spinal stenosis L3-4  and 2 discs above that are bad and arthritis in facet joints. Been taking pain meds for 25 years everyday. My script now is 2 Tylenol 4 3 times a day and a 10 mg Butran patch 1 weekly 4 a month.I go to talk to doc about changing my meds tylenol4 are not effective enough so I run out early so I look like a crack head. Oh and I sweat a lot and so patch itches after 3 days and I'm allergic to adhesive tapes.I went in and we talked about my refill we would go to 1 hydrocodone 3 times a day and 3 day fentynal patch.But workcomp wanted a opiate test that day no problem I just took off butran patch that morning  for a toradal shot for pain cause I ran out of tylenol4  the day before. Test came back no opiates had barbituates  and amphetamines in urine. Barbituates from dylantin for my seziures is ok and amphetamines must be false positive from Prozac.Oh great no more pain meds for me I have taken every pain med and wore every pain patch I have been given so looks like I have been selling them he said I was in total shock. What the heck is a person to do I am ready to end things I have been fighting pain for 25 years and Iam ready to quit fighting now.Ps why would a doctor give a person Butran that has seizure  problems to a patient with seizure disorder tells me they don't no much about the meds they give out.
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You got lots o' stuff here to address. Hell, gimme a crack at throwing out some opinions here (just please take what I say with a grain of salt though -- I'm first to declare I don't know what the heck I'm talking about most o the time). Let's start with the NEGATIVE test. Here's what I would do:

Contact the MANUFACTURER of the test, send a *certified* letter (looks better), and send a letter to your doctor (*certified* also) with a copy of your certified letter and your certification. An INNOCENT person will *vigorously* defend their innocence. "Dear Drug Test Company, I take xyz and abc, yet your test came back negative. I look forward to a speedy and full investigation and resolution to this matter, etc., etc. really nice and civil and detailed letter with times, dates, drugs, everything."

This will look good.

You are not accusing, you are not ranting, you are not blaming, rather, you are simply an innocent patient, and being in severe chronic pain, wanting to "get to the bottom of this" so that you can get back to work. Leave emotions, threats, commentary, etc., out of it, and only speak the truth.

If a mechanic puts a defective part in your car, you're not going to condemn the mechanic (he's doing what he thinks is right, your doctor drops you because that is the RIGHT thing to do if you fail your tests, right?) So how does one "get to the bottom" of these matters? An old fashioned hand-written CERTIFIED LETTER usually does the trick (notice I did not say use modern-day electronic b**Lsh**t email, text, etc.). And, HANDWRITTEN is extra good, too. That will stand out and get everybody's attention.

The letter will get everyone to reconsider.

Now let's address the "I'm ready to quit fighting" part. Here's what to do: treat your OWN body with the respect it deserves. It's needing something. Don't turn your back on it! Put some discipline in your life, all that good stuff, get to bed early, get up early, and realize that everything, and I mean everything you need will avail itself to you when you have respect. The same respect you have for others, have that respect for yourself, your mind, and your body.

If you have a son or daughter, or if you don't have a son or daughter, pretend you have one now, and pretend they have just come to you for advice with all the same issues you are having right now. You KNOW all the stuff you are going to tell them to do, to not do, to think about, and to consider. The help, thoughtful advice, and coaching you would give to them.... give it all to yourself! (You would never tell them, "oh, just give up.")

Okay, and finally, if all of this fails (let's say, for example, your pain management doc is NUTS and is just plain rude, and he hates you, and you hate him) -- hey, that's all possible, right? Okay so if that is the case, pack up and go to a different doctor! Just PICK one. Don't "pre-screen" them over the phone. "...Panting panting...uh, hello doctors secretary.... i need an appointment so i can get back on my patch narcotics cough cough and pills and this and that, will YOUR doctor see me?" LOL - duh -- guess what they are going to say!

Rather, call up and clearly say to the receptionist, "I'm looking for a physician. Would he/she have an opening sometime this month?" The receptionist will ask you what you would like to be seen for. She might even say "Sure, we have an opening, but our doctor WON'T take neck back or headache patients." JUST IGNORE THAT!!!! You just want an opening to be seen! If she asks you what you want to be seen for, I might just say, "Oh I'm at that age where I should probably get a phyisical. I wanna stay healthy, you know."

So, you get your foot in the door, and then when you are FACE TO FACE with the actual doctor, THEN AT THAT POINT AND AT THAT POINT ONLY you can tell him you've had your surgeries and you hurt a lot. "Doctor, my back hurts a lot, but I hate taking pills, are there some things I could try."

By starting fresh, you can have a better chance of being treated like a normal patient rather than all the judgemental stares from everyone.

Anyway, those are things *I* would do, I am not advising you to do these, I'm just saying that given the assumption that everything you said is true, you're not a 'pill seeker' and you have legitimate pain, those are things I would do.

Being straightforward and honest and matter-of-fact (like one would be if they were getting repairs done on their car) always is better than all the emotional baggage/nonsense trickery methods...
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You are very correct on everything thanx emotion do come into play right away. I believe I have a good doc patient relationship been with him for 30 years or more and I told him I no his hands are tide its nothing to do with him at all. Me and his wife /secretary maybe don't see eye to eye but me and him do. He sent it in for a confirmatory test and said if there is a trace he good to go with it. So wait till next week. And I have already put plan B into action Sept 11 have a appointment at a pain clinic probably should be there anyway .I am so glad for this forum I no I'm not the only one now. I think I metabolize things fast because of pain 24/7 and sweat bad thank you for the reply good info.   baiz
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One other thing, being positive for amphetamines, by any chance did you take any cold medication or sinus medication? I've read that sudafed and things like it can cause this issue.
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