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fentanyl patch staying put

My doctor has switched me over to the fentanyl patch, I am on the 75MCG/HR and switch it out every 2 days instead of 3 days as per my doctors instructions.  My problem is I sweat alot and trying to find a place to stick it where it will not come off.  The brand of patch is Mylan.  So far the only spot that seems to work ok is the top of my chest right in the center.  Does anyone have any advice to offer.  I think they do not work very good if they are covered in tape??  just my thought.
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Hello Freebird63,

I, too, have the Mylan Brand Fentanyl Patch ( in fact @ of them 1-50 mcg and 1-12mcg for 62 mcg).
I also, change mine every 48 hours as the 72 hours is just too long for me. MANY patients are on the 48 hour schedule.

I wear mine on my shoulder blade area on my back. You pretty much need to figure out what is best for  you.  I don't have a problem with sweating and my patch coming off, FORTUNATELY!! So I have not had to worry about my patch once it is on.

Duragesic makes an Occlusive Overlay that you put over the patch. It's free, from what I understand from the Manufacturer IF you are wearing the Name Brand Path with the gel in it. One of the VERY best things that yo can do is to go to your Pharmacist and explain your problem and they will let you know what is best for your patches. They are REALLY up on everything and are really up on EVERTHING about your meds. They are you FIRST line of defense when it comes to your meds and medical supplies.

There are some other on here that use some of these things and I hope that they will come along and post as I don't know the names of the different products.

Whatever you do DON'T cover the patch up with TAPE!! You can put Paper Tape AROUND THE EDGES ONLY!! Now these products that I'm talking about DO  comver the entire patch BUT the part that covers the patch itself allows the Patch to "breathe".

I hope that you can get something to help you and then you won't have to be concerned about that problem anymore.

Please let us know how this works for you.....Sherry
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Hello chuck:

Have you used " Paper Tape" ? It is made my a few different manufacturers and you can get it in the Band-aide section. Make sure that it says Paper Tape and nothing else. This has worked great for me over the years. I tend to sweat too and it's the Fentanyl that adds to the sweating.
Otherwise there is a tape patch used for holding intravenous lines in place. Can't remember what it's called but it's expensive. I understand that there is a program that gives them out if you are low income and I'm not sure of program itself.

anyway, try the paper tape. I've had great success.

My best,
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I asked a question similar to this recently, and I have some great advice for you (well, I'd like to think that it is great!)

I contacted the manufacturer, Mylan, and they are supposedly out of the adhesive "covers" that they make for the patches. When they come back in stock, they said they will send me some for free.

In the meantime, I found a brand of transparent film dressings by Invacare. I purchase the size 2.38" x 2.75" for about $0.62 a piece. Expensive, yes. But do they stay? Yes! The pharmacist recommended that I used these and my Dr. approved me using this.

I found that the upper chest worked well, however it was hard for me to find shirts to always cover it up and I didn't feel comfortable having people ask me what it is. So, as my pharmacist recommended, I put it on the outside of my arm about 2 inches down from my shoulder.

This shoulder location has been working for me for a couple weeks now and with the combination of the Invacare transparent dressings, I don't even notice it. I can shower and do everything else and not worry about my patch. It doesn't even get wet in the water!

At first I was using medical tape along the edges, but I was getting a bad rash from the few different kinds I tried. Then, I purchased the 3M transparent dressings and found that the adhesive wasn't that strong and water would seep into it. So, I went back to the medical supply store and purchased these.

Hope this info helps!
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