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finger numbness after nerve block

Hello, 1st post in the med-help community. 15 days after right shoulder rotator cuff repair with nerve block injection site of right neck, I still have numbness/pain in my thumb and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd digits from mid-finger to fingertip. No pain/problems with pinky or palm. Arm from wrist to surgical area is relatively pain free with no numbness. Thoughts/comments/experiences with the numbness of fingers? Thanks for replies in advance.
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Glad you're doing better -- often an injection will cause numbness in peripheral nerves temporarily.

For your information, these fingers are innervated by the median nerve, which originates in nerve roots C5-T1, and branches through the brachial plexus near the armpit, (if I remember my anatomy.) I imagine your symptoms are consistent with specific rotator cuff treatments.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for the thoughtful and informative response. I met with my surgeon yesterday 1/2/15, for a regularly scheduled follow up. We talked about my finger issues. He did a tactile comparitive assessment of each finger, using my good hand as a baseline of feeling, etc., on a scale of 1 to 10. after that, he had his staff contact the anesthesiologist (sic), and they are going ro call me. I think the process is going well...as an aside, I have regained a bit of feeling in my 3rd digit. Again, I appreciate your taking the time to respond.
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1.) Most Important: contact your doctor's office right away, when the receptionist/nurse answers, say, "Hello, would you please pass this message along to Dr. Smith (or whatever your doctor's name is).... and then tell them exactly what you posted here. And, please have him call me at his earliest convenience."

2.) If you study nerve charts (for example, read this ENTIRE page, scroll all-the-way-down: http://www.amcchiropractic.net/book/export/html/15), you will get an idea of what nerves control those Exact-Same-Points you just mentioned in your post.

3.) Perhaps this is a result of your recent surgery -- maybe a "Normal" side-effect or result? Or, maybe not -- maybe something got "bumped" during surgery.... Or, maybe you have a brand new condition.

4.) These symptoms are not ALWAYS bad and horrible.... but they are ALWAYS something that should be brought up to one's own doctor!

So, don't panic or add stress to your life.... simply take quick, swift action, get it looked at!

If your doctor calls back and says "not to worry," then fine. However, (everyone would agree on this): give it a "timeframe." In other words, say "Well, if after 7 days.... or after 10 days, etc., if it isn't any better, than we need to blah-blah-fill-in-the-blank."

Good luck on that. Those are my thoughts and comments.
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