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heart ache

Hi! My little sister, 17 she just came home and is not feeling well. She had not eaten all day long ,and had 2 cup of cafe , after 2 hours her heart began beating so fast, and her left arm is numb , she could not see , and her heart is still aching. Her blood pressure is low.  what is wrong with her ? please help me
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Hi Jonaso,

I just read your comments. Your little sister sounds quite ill. I think your
little sister should see a doctor asap. You might even consider calling
for an ambulance as you say her blood pressure is low, her left arm is/
was numb and you say her heart is aching. I don't know where you live.
In Canada, for example, you can use a service called Telehealth where
you can speak to a nurse. This service my husband just told me is only
in Ontario. Perhaps in your area, your have a similar service. There's
nothing wrong with calling an ambulance. Your sister sounds really ill
and from the sounds of it she may need to be hospitalized. Are you
and your sister still living with your parents? You have to get your younger
sister some medical assistance, Jonaso. It sounds serious.
Best of luck to you both, Eve

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Not eating anything and having a couple of cups of coffee (I think) will raise a lot of peoples heart rate, but shouldn't make it ache IMHO. It can be something very serious (as evewisewoman has also stated) when all of her symptoms are "added up". If it were my family member I wouldn't be on the internet looking for suggestions, I'd be on the phone with 911, or already on my way to the hospital. Please get her looked at bty a medical professional ASAP, and let us know how she makes out. Good luck.
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