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how do you stop bone pain

my bones hurt so bad is it the change in the weather or just the cold weather. what should i do to stop the pain?
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Hello Twix.

I'm not sure you need the poll to ask the question. Also, I think cold weather and weather change are really the same thing.
First, have you been diagnosed with a medical condition? Do you take Meds?
I could not vote in your poll without knowing what you suffer from. Tell me alittle more.
Take care,
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Hi Twix,

I agree with Mollyrae. Cold weather always makes me hurt worse and I don't even have arthritis. Additional weather changes sometimes effect my pain, sometimes not.

I use a heating pad to my most painful part often, even in the summer. I take pain medications daily. So I am sorry but I didn't think I could check any one thing on your poll. I am bound for Florida next winter where I won't be trucking through 6 ft drifts and be scraping ice off my windshield for 4 months out of the year. And more importantly where my bones will hurt less. No I am not retirement age. Just had it with the cold!!
Peace, Tuck
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Hi. I'm new here but can totally relate.  With me it is the "change to cold weather" that drives my pains threw the wall.  For you I would say whatever helps.
I hurt so very bad in the winter months as the spasms run threw my body like a angry currant, zapping everywhere.  Then the pain starts mainly in my back.  O MY.  No one (family wise) really seems to understand it so I came here looking for answers.  I have a post on here were I was hoping to get some idea's to bring up to my doctor.  

I hope you figure it out.  It really does make you feel crazy sometimes.  I try to keep a sweater or vest on at all times and it seems to help.  Any drafts seem to make it worse.  

Take care and best of wishes to you,  Amy
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   I use my heating pad all the time. It really helps with my osteoarthritis pain and it does a pretty good job on the Fibro also. I have a small heating pad that I use on my replaced knee, some days that knee actually throbs, and when I am in a flare, that's when I want to just cut it off.  :(

   This site has been a wonderful find, even tho my family understands the horrific pain I have from the Fibromyalgia it feels good to have a place to go where people really

gentle hugs
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hello i am sorry your going throu this pain. After i had my second son about a month i was told i had a hip bone infection so i had to on strong antibotics to cure it. I am only 21 freaking years old and i feel like i am older then that. well i still currently have pain n my hip and the doctor i see tells me nothing shows up on the x rays i got done so there is no probably. well i flat out asked him why am i still having pain. its not like i like taking pain med or pills at that. it *****... i work and my husband thinks i should stop working for a while cause of my bone damage i got from the infection. BUT i can't we need the money to bad. two kids and no income except my husbands disability and my working check which isn't much. A doc at the hospital told me to look for a bone doctor. well i haven't done that cause i had no health insurance i already owe the hospital probably over a t hundreds dollars just n one month. you may want to look for a bone doctor. he or she maybe able to help you out with the pain. i wish you luck... get better soonn.. i know how hard it is to live everyday with the pain. it *****...
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i have been told that its fibro but no one treats it...i use a massager with heat for my back or my husband does and sometimes it helps but the pain gets so bad sometimes that i can't even get out of bed without help and taking a bath omg can take forever.  pain meds do little to help...but i have a massager for my desk chair and for my car all with heat it seems to help at times...try it see...i even have one that is body length...see if any one of them helps...
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