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i have been off taking 3-4 10/325 percocets now for a wk i am very lonely and dr put me on perc 5 for cronic pain is it a good idea to go to pain mgt like they referred

i have got the withdarwl part over with it wasnt as bad but i over eat now lil depressed but the pain is real i put patches on my neck and back shoulders etc lay with a heating pad. the drs gave me perc 5 which is a far cry from what i was taking they have more tylonol in them so im only taking them as needed i dont get a euphoeria it barely does away with the pain i have sever osteoarthritis and i hurt all the time they referred me out to pain mgt should i go and take pills and rehab therapy to help i feel like my life is now consumed by pain not withdrawls or pills i was really depressed yesterday and didnt run to my med cabinet i feel like i can do this under a real dr order what do yall think
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Pain management isn't just about throwing narcotics at the problem.  If that's all a doctor offers, you need to find a different doctor.  Other doctors refer patients to pain specialists when there is nothing left to offer to treat the underlying problem.  They also prefer not to have to deal with all the followup required if a patient truly needs opiate therapy.

I know how painful osteoarthritis can be since I have a fair amount of it in my hips.  Makes weather changes dreadful doesn't it?  It's been my personal experience that narcotics don't help much where bone pain is concerned.  Sure, they'll numb you out to where you don't care about the pain so much, but it's still there along with all the crippling limitations.

Personally, I've found that physical therapy and non-narcotic anti-inflammatories really do help the most.  Yes, it takes time and a lot of effort but the payoff is that you'll be able to use less medication and may be able to skip it altogether.  The more muscle you build up, the less stress gets put on your bones.  That's what keeps the pain at bay and keeps you moving and living.

Whatever treatment plan the pain doc offers, make sure you fully understand his goals.  Pain management does not offer a cure our pain or what is causing it.  The word "management" is key.  If the doctor can lessen your pain enough to where you can participate in life again, that is successful treatment.  In other words, don't expect miracles but rather improvement.

One of the worst things we can do as chronic pain patients is isolate ourselves from the world and let pain rule our lives.  We let ourselves be defined by our illness.  CP is a life-changing condition but doesn't have to be as limiting as we believe in the early days of dealing with it.  Honestly, you get used to it like it's normal after enough time goes by.  Therapy with a pain psychologist can help teach you some new coping skills so you don't feel like you have to run for the medicine cabinet all the time.  Ask your pain doc about it.  Some make therapy a requirement of treatment and others don't mention it all.  It's worth a try, and NO, you're not crazy!  Look at it as just another tool in your pain management toolbox.  :-)
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I absolutely agree with Jaybay's comments.

Treating chronic pain is a multi-faceted issue and treated as such.

Medications are a small part of doing things every day/week/month to help with the pain.

I use Acupuncture, exercise daily (walking the dog 30-45 minutes), stretching, aqua therapy, cortisone injections, eating well, getting appropriate sleep, cognitive behavioral therapy, talking with a counselor about living with chronic pain, not smoking...(this is critical with those with any type of spine/bone issues.), etc.

Those are just a few things that are in addition to medication.

A pain management Dr. is usually your best best when it's become a chronic issue. This is their entire area of study and can help find a comprehensive plan that will help you live with the pain the best you can.

A good Dr. will always expect us to do everything that we can to help as well, as well as be realistic that with a chronic issue...it's not about being pain free anymore, it's getting to a level 4 or 5 on the pain scale.

I do wish you luck.
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i have done everything exausted all resources i am going on low doses and therapy aswell the pain has consumed my life at this point so believe me i do realize this. i do exersise as much as i can but when i cant get out of bed without the pain cripling me i can or feel like i just cant go on but i will take yalls advise i promise to exaust more areas i have tryed everything yall have mentioned when i fix one problem the pain went to other areas but i feel so terrible alllllllll the time!
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Hey there...I read all of the comments and your posts and I know how absolutely exhausting and DEPRESSING it can become when you try everything and still have so much pain....
You want to go to a pain specialist but you have to BE 100% honest with them and tell them you are an addict and need their help to maintain a sensible pain regimen NOT give you an exuberant amount of meds...But if you have the ability & the means to get your hands on extra then you will...Its a no brainer?
I had my sister hold my bottle for me and only allow my so many per week but as soon as she turned her back I was taking more and more with each visit.....I had my husband HIDE them from me and lay out only 5 day and I would destroy the house until i found them...Or I would go into my account and take out cash and go buy 20 to get me through a day or 2???

I have been very busy I have joined a Yoga Class 5 days a week...so my routine daily is I Get up at 5 am see my off to school by 6:25 a.m... ...then jump on my bike ride 15 to 20 miles....get home shower then  go to my just one of 2  NA meetings!
Then its time to get dinner ready, eat clean up bed time  and start all over again the next day....
I hope you continue to want to stay clean....I recieved a phone call from a long time girlfriend from my teen age years .... that DARN well knows I've been in recovery and she is Still using HARD core  and she called me all messed up DENYING she was using anything and it makes me so angry that she has the audacity to call me after I have ASKED her twice now to please have respect for my decisions as  It is  a bit of a trigger when I hear her slurring, and talking so much nonsense...So  I just hang up on her and shut my cell off.....I'm so tired of not being HEARD??
Good luck with everything and I will try and contact you this upcoming weekend hopefully after the art festival on Saturday I attend every year for a few hours....
Take care,
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