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in pain so bad

I fell off a roof and fractured my tibia and had a rod and screws put in .its been four months now and the pain is still very bad ,i went to a pain management and they put me on lyrica and percasets.they said one ten milagram perc every four hrs ,i called them and told them i have to take five to stop the pain ,the nerve pain is ok but the bad pain is all day long .its been four months and i see the pain management doc the sixteeth ,i will be out of pain meds before that .can anyone tell me what i should ask for to control the pain ,and not have to take so many pills ,and if and when i run out what to do about how i would get more ,the doctors sec said she will not make any changes untill i see her .please help thank you ps if anybody had the same injury can you tell me how long did you stay in pain .my surgen said i will always have some sort of pain due to my nine hr operation
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Some pain can be expected after a nine hour bone surgery but it should not be so unbearable. One possibility is that you could be having Compartment syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by increased pressure and pain due to increased pressure inside a fascial compartment of the leg. The increased pressure causes restriction of blood flow and damage the nerves. This usually happens due to blood collection or hematoma and due to soft-tissue swelling.  Usually two longitudinal incisions are made in the fascia of the leg to release the pressure. This often takes care of the pain.

Other causes of pain are non-union, mal-alignment of fracture ends, infection in the screws and plates etc. You need an X-ray of the operated region to rule these out. Please talk to your orthopedic surgeon regarding these possibilities.
Take care!
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thank you so very much ,i will ask my doctor .thank you for taking your valuable time to help peaple like us god bless you
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