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I've had a chesty cough for about 2wks which has been bad enough coz I've had pains in my chest when ever I breath in but the last few days I've had pain under my rib cage and shoulder blade its extremely painful when I cough should I be worryed about this,today I've also had bad wind so could it be that
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Everyone has a different "time table" when it comes to things like this. Some people feel like the very second they have a symptom, they are in the emergency room. Other people will go days-upon-days, letting time drag on before they decide to get seen, and then find out it is/was something serious and preventable had they been seen sooner.

So, on one end of the spectrum, you could have something as simple as a virus that has decided to "set up house" in that special corner of your rib cage, and the virus will automatically self-delete itself in a few more days.

At the other end of the spectrum, you could have something serious which needs to be looked at right now, something awful and malignant, and the longer you wait, the worse it is.

So, what do you do? Which decision do you make? Being some stranger on the internet, I wouldn't feel right telling you anything other than, "go get that looked at right now."

But, you may wish to consider another way of deciding on a course of action for yourself. For example, if you had a son or daughter, and they had the same exact symptoms you've described, what would YOU tell THEM to do? Would you say, "go get that looked at now?" Or, would you say, "give it a week and if it's not better, go have it looked at?"

Some people wait to see if it is getting slowly and steadily better, rather than slowly getting worse. Others are at the doctor's doorstep the first day. You have to decide.

If it were me, and I decided to make an appointment with the doctor a week from today, I would start doing all kinds of healthy things this week while I'm waiting to see the doctor. Warm healthy teas, laying off alcohol and cigarrettes, allowing the body a full night's rest, with a couple comfortable naps during the day.... then if I'm all better by the time of my doctors appointment, I know I can always call and cancel.
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There is a flu around that includes a dry, hacking cough. I have it myself. The coughing is violent enough to strain muscles and irritate the throat.

Focus on the simple solutions first, and get well soon.
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