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is this the start? Shoulder falling out of sockets and pain

anybody here have shoulder issues? Id like to hear from someone who has had a shoulder replacement or similar problems. Lately Ive been having a lot of problems with my shoulders- particulary when i make my kids beds (which is pretty much daily- i have two young boys who still wet the bed frequently). Everytime I stretch my arms out to put the fitted sheets on the mattress, it feels like my shoulders fall out of their sockets. Its a sickening feeling and hurts a lot for quite some time afterwards and the next day they have that sore muscle feeling to them and stiffness too. Is this a sign that Im heading towards needing shoulder surgery down the road? For those of you who have been through that already, was this how it started out for you? I have no idea why they started doing this...its BOTH of them and this started at the same time...kinda weird dont you think? I have been on prednisone ALOT in the past 2 years and am wondering if its because of that? I know its bad for your bones and joints. Do you think the prednisone rotted out my cartilage or something? thanks for any input on this
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Your shoulder symptoms could be caused from so many different conditions that my response is merely a guess.

When I had a rotator cuff tear lifting my arm upward or doing a sweeping motion caused extreme pain. It didn't feel like it was falling out of my socket. The shoulder was always "sore." The only was to know what may be going on with your shoulder is to have some imaging done.

It does seems strange that both began hurting at the same time. This not not sound like an injury. It may be an inflamatory process of some sort.  I suppose it could be a side effect from prednisone but again it seems strange that it would effect both shoulder at the same time. We do have members that have shoulder issues. Weekend tend to bring slower responses but hopefully one of them will check in and respond to your post.

I would not ignore your symptoms. Sometimes if you let a condition go untreated permanent damage can be done. Please let us know how everything turns out. We will look forward to hearing from you again.

Take Care,
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thanks Tuck for the reply... i cant get an MRI done...dont have any health insurance whatsoever...so Im really stuck with just dealing with "it", whatever it may be. In fact Im leery of even mentioning it to my doctor next time i have to go to him out of fear it will be in my chart and then later looked upon as a 'pre-existing condition" should I ever get lucky enough to have insurance again someday. But i was just curious if this sounded like teh same kind of symptoms other people had when their shoulders starting going bad. Luckily it doesnt cause me constant severe pain but I fear it could get worse as the months/years progress.
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I used to just come to this forum to read from time to time, but I joined today so I could maybe give you some direction.  I have been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome, also called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  One of the hallmark symptoms is joints coming out of their sockets even as a result of light pressure.  When I was younger my left shoulder and hip would dislocate, it is very painful for a few days afterwards because the tissue around the joints gets damaged when that happens.  It is a genetic disorder where your body does not make collagen correctly, therefore, you have loose joints and many other symptoms can go along with it.  Even though I was born with it, I was not diagnosed or had any problems until I was 54 years old.  Now that I'm older, my joints don't dislocate as much, however, I have episodes of all over joint and muscle aches.  I also have sciatica due to my loose spine pressing on some nerves and I also get plantar facceitus (sp?) because of loose joints in my feet.

I see a pain specialist regulary and feel I have it under control.  The best thing to do is exercises that strengthen your large muscles because they have to work harder to keep your loose joints in place.  Regular massages have also been a lifesaver.  Many sufferers see a Rhuematologist.  Most doctors will not know about this, or they will barely remember discussing it in med school.  I would suggest to start with a Rhuematologist, other people get diagnosed by a geneticist.  It is important to get the diagnosis on paper so that you can get treated properly and taken seriously.  

I'm not sure if this is your problem, but it might be a place to start.  You might also do a search on the web and see if you recognize the other symptoms that go along with this syndrome.

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wow thanks Harplady. Funny you mention those other things because I do get what i believe to be plantar fasciaitis as well. I will just be sitting down and when i stand up i feel something snap in the arch of my foot followed by a severe burning pain, and then a severe pain and cant walk on it right for days. I also have knee pain which is fairly new too. A few years ago when i still had insurance, i was seeing an Ortho and he took a lot of xrays which showed i have arthritis in everything (including my entire spine). SO ive assumed my knee pain is related to arthritis although it never hurt me before, i always wondered if the xrays were correct about my knees because up until recently they havent bothered me. It seems like just lately everything is falling apart on me lol. My main problem is my back. I have daily severe pain in my lower back from bad discs (bulging, DDD, arthritis and mild scoliosis). Thank you for your input and I will resarch that to see if it sounds like a possibility or not
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I wish you luck in your search for answers.  Let me know how things are going.  My favorite websites for information on this is:


These sites seem to have current and helpful information.  Another thing to think about is that there are times during a women's cycle where the body puts out hormones that relax the joints, it also happens during pregnancy.  This can sometimes make your joints very weak - just another idea to think about in your search.  Don't get discouraged if your doctors don't know about this, keep looking until you find one, they are out there.  Good Luck.
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