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kidney problems

i am a 31 year old male healthy dont smoke dont drink exercise daily love to do thing i have had near 30 kidney stones from the time i have been 18 close to 20 surgeries for stones on both sides but over the last year chronic pain on left side feels almost as if someone has fingers under rib cage and pulling constantly trmendous pain constantly to the point of tears pain worsens when riding in a car or laying down anyone have any ideas??? have had ct scans and urologist have found nothing sent me to pain manangment for celiac blocks i have had 2 with no sucess and i am getting tired of the pain meds what can i do?
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Hello Tommy,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am so sorry to hear about our pain and kidney issues. I can imagine how painful and tiresome it must all be ....and my heart goes out to you. I've had multiple kidney stones also.

I assume they are unable to provide a specific diagnosis for your under the rib pain.... or do they believe it is related to the kidney issues?

I can certainly relate to be tired of "pain meds" however we often have little choices if we want to tolerate our pain and function to some degree. Why our advanced medical system can not always find a clear cut reason for pain is beyond me.

Have you had an extensive work up by a large teaching facility? If not I suggest that you do. Sometimes a new set of eyes and new ideas can come up with things or diagnosis and treatments that others have not been able to discover. I encourage you to keep searching....as frustrating as that may be.

Please keep us updated. We are here to offer our support....and often just sharing our pain and the challenges it brings can be beneficial. I'll look forward to hearing from you again. .....and hope you are able to find better answers and solutions.  

Take Care,
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Have you been tested for MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney)? Is there evidence of Hydronephrosis? Do you have renal cysts, and if so, where on the Bosniak-Chart do they fall?

Your renal pain is being caused by SOMETHING, so you may want to possibly get a referal to a Nephrologist, or at the very least, another Urologist to get another set of eyes looking at your test results.

I'm not a doctor, but like you, I have lots of experience with kidney-stones (of the Cystine variety). Since the age of 18, I've passed many 1,000's of stones and had many 100's of cystoscopy's, PCNL's, ureteral dilations, etc, etc (the list goes on).

I feel your pain Brother. Go and get a second opinion.

Just a thought, but get them to do a CT while 'standing'. There's a rare disorder (I'm not even sure what it's called), but the kidney "detaches" itself from your body cavity, and sort of "floats". Actually, that might be what it's called... 'Floating Kidney'. It's extremely hard to detect while lying down (as you most often are for KUB's and CT's), so a standing position is the only way to reveal the kidney sort of 'falling', if you will.

I'd like to know how this turns out and what you discover, so please post back, or at least PM me so I can see how you're doing.

Good luck Brother.

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Look up NEPHROPTOSIS in Wiki and you can get the below information in full (or just read below)... Not saying this is what you have, but your symptoms sound close, and since they don't 'see' anything wrong, it's a possibility:

Nephroptosis (Floating Kidney) is asymptomatic in most patients. However, nephroptosis can be characterized by violent attacks of colicky flank pain, nausea, chills, hypertension, hematuria and proteinuria. Patients with symptomatic nephroptosis often complain of sharp pains that radiate into the groin. Many patients also suggest a weighing feeling on the abdomen. Pain is typically relieved by lying down.

Diagnosis is contemplated based upon patient symptoms. Diagnosis is confirmed during intravenous urography, by obtaining erect and supine films.

Nephropexy was performed in the past to stabilize the kidney, but presently surgery is not recommended in asymptomatic patients. Laparoscopic nephropexy has recently become available for selected symptomatic patients.
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There you are el_em_en_oh. I was actually thinking of you when I responded to this post and am happy that you saw it and added your information.

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Hey Tuck!

I've been around lurking, but I only post/reply when I have something constructive to add.

Couldn't help but chime in on the kidney-stone/pain issue, as that's my main bag!

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