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knee hurts

I have pains in my right knee. When touching around the cap in the soft spots it hurts. When pushing centre of the cap it hurts also further up top of cap hurts. Getting shooting pains up thigh and numbness when sitting, a cold feeling. It's been 2 days now yesterday it was hard to walk around without a limp to keep off of it. In the past I have hit it on a couple things fairly hard as I am a labourer.
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I see that yoou are an MD.  I've posted here just since 10/18/12...first on the Depression Forum.  They notified me I'd been moved to Pain Management.  I've not received responses yet that are helpful...One said that I wasn't detailed enough with my issue.  So....I posted a rather lengthy explanation of 20+ years of physical and emotional suffering.  It's posted on today's date 10/20/12 titled "Endometriosis...There's no short version, but I'll try to explain".  It's a lengthy post, but I would like for you to read it, and possibly direct me.  Do Pain Management Clinics administer the Synvisc One shots into arthritic knees that have lost all cartilage?  Do they offer this transdermal patch that I'm reading about in this forum--Fentanyl?
If so, does Medicare cover the cost of these treatments/meds?  I'm just so very sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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Hi there,
You seem to be suffering from knee cap pain. The most common cause is chondromalacia which is also called Runner’s Knee. Chondromalacia occurs because of irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap.Prepatellar bursitis, patellar subluxation,knee cap dislocation all can lead to pain directly over the knee cap.Rest,antiinflammatory medications, application of ice to the knee all are very important for reducing the symptoms. If the symptoms persist or are severe it is best to see an orthopaedician.I hope it helps.
Best luck and kind regards!
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