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knee pain after bybass surgery

My mother who is 73 years old underwent 2 bypass surgeries 2 years back. Since then she has been suffering from acute pain in her left knee from which the vein was removed for her bypass. Kindly tell us about the medicines or remedies which can help reduce her pain. Thanks.
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Hi Malkiva:  I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's problems.  That sounds so painful.  And I'd like to welcome you to the pain management forum.  Although none of us are doctors, we do use our combined experience to support and give each other advice.

My best advice for your mom is to contact the surgeon who performed this procedure.  He would be the best one to answer this question.  Not knowing your mother's medical history, she really needs a doctor to give her advice on pain relief.

Good luck to you and your mom.  And welcome to the pain management forum.

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Hello and Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your mom's continuing pain.

There is no good reason that she should still have pain from the removal of the vein. Has this been investigated? Could they have damaged the structure of her knee during surgery? Has she has any imaging on the knee to determine the cause of her pain?

When my mom had a hip replacement they tore the meniscus in one of her knees. his occurred while they were repositioning the extremity. She required repair surgery. So please make sure that this is not structural.

Until you know the source of her pain it is difficult to know what may help her. Please have her evaluated by her PCP or a surgeon. She should not have to live with unmanaged pain. There are many options available. What may be beneficial for her should be determined by her physician.

She is fortunate to have your concern and care. I hope that will your assistance yo ucan find a resolution. I wish you both the very best.

Take Care,
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