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lamendectomy,4,5, stenosis,

I had lamendectomy 4,5,Surgery,in 1999,its April,2007,I own a Music Catalog,Forever,Fortunate,and im on Social Security Disability,since March,2004.Im on 2 40mg,of long -acting Oxicontin,and breakaways,5mg,of Ocodone.Im in Pain constantly,i have ,Osteroporosis,i was Recommended for spinal Fusion Surgery,then the DRS,said no.I fell January 19,2007,which Exacerbated,all my prior Pre-Existing injuries,it was the Apts,fault,for not Spreading salt,or Gravel,after 72 hours,of Snowstorm,and im in Pain,constantly,my Dr up my Pain Meds,Yes i have a Lawyer for slip and Fall,which today,my pain,has increased 50%,and i use ice,and cant do anything,after 8 years ago,for A Lamendectomy,4,5.It seems,theres no Remedy,only Lousy Pain Meds.I feel,theres no Plan,to rid of my Pain,as a DR,was struck,by my back conditions,a back of a 60 year old he told me,im 52.I wish,i had a Back-up Plan badly.Any Suggestions?
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Awe and so sorry about all your going thru, I've just been dx with spinal stenosis, ddd and osteoarthritis in S1 to L-3, and I'm only 41 yrs old. I wish I had some magic words for you to make you all better. Good Luck to you and lots of very gentle hugz as well. Keep us posted hun as to updates.
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I am 32 years old. I fell 3 years ago 20 feet and landing on a 2x4 which broke my fall... I now have the most severe pain I have ever felt!!! My doc is recommending a lamendectomy 4 and 5 with some repair to an annular tear. I am also on 20mg Oxycontin which does hardly anything to help the pain... Does anyoe have any recommendations regarding this surgery??? I also have a daughter with Cerebral Palsey. I was the sole provider as my daughter requires 24hr. care. Now my wife has twice the work because I can hardly do anything! I have been off work since sept 26th 07' It's rough!!!
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Hi Loony Tunes,

I am so sorry of all you are suffering and the pain that you are experiencing. Chronic Pain is life changing.

I recommend you see a good PMP. They are often able to determine a combination of treatments and medications that can ease your pain to at least a tolerable level. You should not have to suffer with unbearable pain 24/7.

There are other approaches available for pain than surgery. I wish you the very best. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Take Care, Tuck
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Please post a new question instead of tagging on to someone else's thread. This will allow you much better responses as your question will be more visible.

Thank You,
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I'm having a lamendectomy in a couple of weeks for pain and numbness in my legs and feet, and would greatly appreciate anyone who has had the surgery sharing their post operative experiences.  Did the operation help your symptoms, or make things worse?    
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Hi Woodstock,

This is a VERY old Thread.

Would you please re-post this by going to the top of this post and click on the Green Tab that says "Post Question".  :) This way it will begin and NEW Thread. It's a GOOD question that you have.

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