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left wrist pain

i had wrist surgery in 1993 for a ganglion cyst . i have had tendonitis ever since from sprains nd falls since then about 5 years ago i started geting a lump about 6 inches long on the inside of my left wrist from my thumb bone down my arm and my wrist swells up and i have pain across both sides of my hand and wrist . on more than one ocasion i have woken up with numbness from my shoulder to my fingers then burning pain all down my arm. this happens with or wthout wearing my wrist splint  and ive tried ice, antiiflamitorys aspercream ect. strechs and hand exercise nothing seams to work. getting tired of the pain and swelling every day . im allso assuming theirs scar tissue build up from the first surgery. any suggestions are greatley appreciated.
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Is this lump on your wrist the same area where you had the ganglion cyst removed? If not it sounds like another one. It may be pressing on a nerve and causing your problem. The surgery isn't 100% effective or one of the falls you had may have caused it. In any case it sounds like something is pressing on the nerve. It could be carpal tunnel also. My friend has carpal tunnel in her wrist and elbow and she feels the pain and numbness from the elbow downward. It is possible something happened in a fall that caused nerve damage or pinched a nerve. Have you had Xrays or an MRI? Lyrica or Neurontin may help.
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