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lexapro.. gad. nerves

i have gad. plus nerve problems effecting muscles. internal shaking.. is lexapro a good drug. or would a cymbalta be better. for the nerve problems plus anxiety.or is the lexapro. have the ingrediatnts that i need.  on lexapro now 11 days .. thanks
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Hi.  What is gad?  I can tell you that I tried Cymbalta and it made me so nauseous.  I can't take it.  I know lexapro has helped a lot of people with depression.
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Everyone reacts to medications differently. Cymbalta is good for depression in those who also suffer from chronic pain. I am not that familiar with either one but you say you have been taking the lexapro for 10 days so see if it will work for you. I would give it a month or two anyways and then if it doesn't seem to be helping try the Cymbalta.
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I have taken Cymbalta and it helped me, but I could not tolerate the side effects. Yesterday my PMP gave me an Rx for Lexapro. I took Lexapro a couple of years ago and it also helped me, but again I quit taking it because of side effects. I think both meds are good meds and can help you, but as sandee1818 said - everyone reacts differently to different meds and it does take a while for it to build up in your system so you begin to get the effects. Good luck, I hope the Lexapro helps.
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Hi Kl42:

I was prescribed the Lexapro a few years ago for depression and anxiety and found it to be a very good medication. I am sensitive to drugs of this nature and found the lexapro to be the best drug for the least amount of side effects. I have not heard of the medication being used for nerves but I guess there are many ways it can be used.

Like Sandee has mentioned, please bive it more than ten days...I do know that it takes Lexapro at least 10 to even start to work. Give it a month or so.

Take care,
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