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lower back & hip pain

Been dealing with pain in my lower back & hips due to not walking correctly since hurting my foot.  Been using Naproxen and muscle relaxers for some time.  Also been using physical therapy.  What have you been doing to help deal with pain?
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Your walking incorrectly as the bodies way to protect your injured foot has possibly put you in the cycle of muscular imbalance. Physical therapy can help you regain strength, BUT what many PT's and Drs fail to address is possible muscle knots that will intervene with the healing and strengthening process - thus the pain continues.

Often times it is necessary to breakup these knots with 'manual therapy' - several different types of therapeutically based deep muscle massage technics are out there. Some PT's practice this, but they are generally called manual therapists which will work well in between strengthening sessions as well. Most are not aware of their muscular knots until manual therapy begins - hard to detect if you dont know what to look for on your own. Not on the surface, as these are deep within the muscle itself.
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Hello and Welcome to the Pain Management Community.

The majority of us are Chronic Pain patients. We are prescribed a variety of medications, depending on our diagnosis and what works best for each of us. Many of us have found our own routines that we employ when we experience pain flares.

In my opinion D.O.s (Doctor of Osteopathy) that practice OMT (Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy) are excellent in realigning our musculoskeletal system. I would be lost without their expertise. If you haven't consulted one it may behove you to do so.

My pain regime medications include opiates, a muscle relaxer and an NSAID. It took months of trial and error to determine the right regime for me. I also use a massage chair, meditation, jacuzzi, positional exercise, heat and distraction techniques. I often rely on OMT as part of pain control.

I think you will find that most of us have gone through the trial and error process to find what works best for us.  

I hope your pain is well managed. I encourage you to continue to post and also respond to other posters.

Take Care,
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