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lump in stomach

i have a painful lump in my stomach, but my gp isnt really doing anything.? all she did was a blood test for an eptopic pregnancy and thats negative so what could it be?
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Where exactly is the lump?  And in what way is it painful?  Is it visible?  Sounds like you need to go back to your doctor and get a little firmer and let him know you want to get to the bottom of it.
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Hi everyone,

I have a 3 inch width length and 1 inch height length lump in my lower right stomach. It is very tender and seems to be getting more painful and bigger as the days go on. I have seen two doctors, one of them thought it could be a cyst the other a  lipoma. Both of them do not believe it is cancer. I started having pain there about a month a go and like I said it seems to be getting bigger and more painful because before I hardly noticed it and could feel it only a little bit but now I feel it all the time and now even my mum and boyfriend can feel it, and my mum thinks it is also getting bigger. I’m so scared. I just cant get cancer out of my head, I had an ultra scan done 6 days ago. The nurse could hardly see or feel the lump and she could only slightly see it on the ultra scan  and she kept on asking me to point it out. She said she is almost certain it is nothing serious and probably just gristle like fatty tissue. But would it really hurt this much and keep on growing!?

I’m a 20 year old female. I live a fairly healthy life style. I don’t smoke. I am a bit over weight (15stone and 5ft 8). I had a cyst on my right ovary which I found out about 8 months ago, I had the operation to remove it just over 2 months ago, everything was fine and looked great inside the surgeon said. I had a 6 cm dermoid cyst with hair and two teeth in it. They gave me a Laparoscopy so they could check out the surrounding organs and the other ovary and everything was perfect. I had an incision in my belly button (which has only stopped leaking from an infection) a 5cm line above my bikini line, a little incision on my left side and a incision on my right side, which is near my lump now. It makes sense if this is related to everything that has happened, but I don’t understand why it is getting worse.

Any advice or understanding on the matter would be fantastic. I am so depressed and stressed out at the moment and its effecting everything!!! I am scared and suffer from anxiety disorder and I thought after having my cyst removed everything would be normal again.

Em x
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