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medication suggestions for dr

hi i suffer from chronic back pain and foot drop which results in chronic pain in my hips and legs, ive been on oxicontin 10mg 2x a day and tramadol 300mg 2-3x a day + ibruprofen paracetomol amytripiline and pregabalin for nearly a year. ive been asking for my drs to switch up my medication for a bout 6 months as this conconction isnt working but they tell me there is nothing else for me to try, ive also been on fentanyl patches before. has anyone tried anything or is on anything they can suggest to me? i cant beleive that with everything they can do in the medical world there are no other pain killers available? i get that im 23 and they dont want me to run out of things for when im older but i need pain releif now!!! i dont get how they dont understand this? any suggestions you have would be soo appreaciated. ive also tried acupunture, electro acupunture , tens unit, and spinal blocks and injections all of which didnt really do much i will say the tens unit worked best but you can rally walk around with it attach all day and the sticky pads dont stick very well, look forward to replies, im waiting for a phone consultation with a dr at some point today so asap would be great.
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I wish I had some suggestions.  I haven't been able to get good pain relief on a regular basis.  I'm also sensitive to a lot of meds so it's been an issue.  You could look to get a second opinion to see if someone else may have some other ideas.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes looking at things makes a difference.
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ive had second and third opinoins all less help then the one before, my current pm dr ive not heard from or seen in over 6 months no matter how many times i call the office, im now waiting for a call from my gp to see if i can get referred to a different hospital but im not holding my breath. why do they make it so hard just to get decent pain releif??? x
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Anyone with chronic pain will tell you that being on the same level of meds for over a year is going to create a tolerance to your meds and they just don't work as well or at all anymore. I would definitely try for a new PM doc. Your meds need to be monitored more closely than every 6 mos. Are the oxycontin instant release or extended? I was on instant release meds for a long time and have just been put on the patch to compliment my IR meds. I have found this immensely helpful. I have round the clock control plus a fast acting for breakthru pain. There are many options, you just need to find a physician that is willing to work through them to find a combination that works. Best of luck to you!
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i am so sorry you went through this! There are tolerance issues when you take the same medication over a long period of time. I suggest getting a new PCP to refer you to a new pain management. You can try and see if your current one can refer you. How are you getting your medications without seeing the PMP every month?
There are some really wonderful PMP Doctors and it may take going through a few bad ones to get a good one. Anyone who has dealt with CP understands this. Each Doctor has his/her own way of looking and  treating pain.
I hope you find one soon:)
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I know your question is about meds. You don't mention if any Dr or Physical Therapist has tried to find the reason for your chronic back pain. Even with some chronic conditions people do luck out by seeing someone interested in finding the root cause of pain. It can be a lot of work, even  if only half the pain was relieved, ones life will improve. And less drugs / meds will be needed.

Sometimes muscle relaxant calm the sensitive area better than covering the pain with pain meds. There are many different muscle relaxants available today. The old standy from Flexeral causes so much sleepiness. One of the better ones that wont make you as sleepy is Metaxalone.
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