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Please give me your opinionon methadone for pain control of Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
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I have rheumatoid Arthritis as well. 1st and for most methadone is 100% a hard thing to get off I've tried a couple times once too fast and 2nd just got off waited a few days and took suboxen which I was not prescribed. As long as you get on and if and when ready to down a milagram or two at a time VERY SLOWLY!I'm back on methadone not because of heroin w because the doctor left me on the percocet for well over two years this was 14 years ago it's not easy my body at first took it as to metabolize fast at 285mg and 70 milligrams at night but managed to get down to 75 going down 5 tomorrow matter a fact. I have all my bottles that I take home and go once per week and pick up 6 bottles because every month your clean you earn a bottle to take home and when ready you can go down. It helps with biweekly counseling. You do get pain relief for the first few hours so you may get split dose where you get a bottle am and pm for late afternoon. Good luck hope it helps.
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Hello Shanna,

I have also been prescribed methadone. It did nothing for me but give me a headache. As said before, everyone is different and our systems respond differently.

My physician started me on a low dose and was going to increase it as my system adjusted. So I think that the dosage was to low to be effective and the side effects did not allow the increase.

It is reportedly one of the best pain management medications. I think it is worth a try. As you can see it is effective for Mika. Just be knowledgeable. Learn all the pros and cons and follow the guidelines. I encourage everyone to make informed decisions.

Good Luck to You,
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I, myself, did not experience ANY relief with Methadone.  I have fibro, lupus, severe arthritis, DDD. All the methadone did for me was make me horribly sick with no relief whatsoever from my pain.

Obviously we're all different and medications work differently on each of us - just giving my experience with it.

Best of luck!
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Hi, I have been on methadone now for about seven years.  It is a great medication for controlling pain (for me anyway) I have had to have very little increase in medication.  I have  RSD and degenerative disc disease and have had 2 surgeries on my cervical spine and 4 on my lumbar spine.  I would not be able to get out of bed if it were not for this medication.

I was somewhat skeptical when first starting this drug, but am glad I gave it a chance.  I don't get the "high's and low's" that I got on other medications.

Hope this helps some...
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