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narcotic laws

Isn't there a law that states a doctor who gives you narcotic pain meds for several years then discharges you, that he has to, at least, write you out a prescription for one month so you can find another doctor?
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No, there is no law governing opioid dependence.

It is probably unethical for a physician to drop you from a practice without cause.

Were you discharged without cause?
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I concur with philnoir.

There is no such law or obligation.

There is always a "missing piece" to this kind of story.
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The doctor is not obliged to give you a prescription.

If the doctor discharged you from his practise, you clearly didn't comply with the practise rules.  

Doctors don't refuse to treat a patient or discharge them from their surgery for no good reason.
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Unfortunately, I've seen this happen, especially when it comes to UDT, and the immunoassay technique that is most often used is not always accurate.

So, while some people abuse their opioid medications (or would if they could), some PCPs are looking for any excuse to drop a pain patient -- and PCPs are the primary pain providers in America, with 100,000,000 people in pain, and only 3,500 trained pain specialists.

There's too many grandparents out there who have been dismissed from a practice because of a false UDT or because another of their physicians prescribed an opioid and they filled the medication w/o realizing the consequences. They don't understand and don't know where to turn.

I don't know Chelsea's story, but I do know that opiophobia is rampant in the practitioner community because they're concerned about being pressured by state medical boards and federal regulators for writing for too many controlled medications.

Big Brother is alive and well in American medicine and because of him, thousands of people are suffering from withdrawal and hyperalgesia.

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Sorry I don't know what UDT stands for.

I understand what you mean, and it is not good that people who do suffer a lot of pain and rely on these medications suddenly have nothing to help them, and not get weaned off slowly.  I understand that suddenly stopping taking these drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms.

I have recently been prescribed with an opioid transdermal patches myself starting at 5 microgram/hour and the dose will get doubled in 4 weeks time.
There is a warning on the information label about it being a controlled drug and proof must be provided that the drug has been prescribed, if stopped by the law.

If it is the case that Chelsea was discharged because of what you say in your penultimate paragraph, then it is a sad state of affairs and I do hope that she either challenges the doctor that discharged her to get reinstated or finds another physician as soon as possible.
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UDT = Uring Drug Testing
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