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nasal nerve injury

I've suffered from headaches for years. I believed them to be sinus related and had two surgeries to correct a deviated septum and balloon my sinuses. After each surgery, I noticed worsening burning nasal pain and dental pain that would come and go with changes in temperature or humidity. The ENTs I saw assured me I would feel better but I never did. After seeing an endodontist for the dental pain I narrowed it down to nerve pain, some variation of Charlin's Sydrome or nasal neuralgia. I have seen 32 doctors in 6 states and have gotten no relief. I've had two sphenopalatine blocks, trigeminal block, trigeminal radiofrequency ablation, anterior ethmoidal radiofrequency ablation, botox, tried 16 different medications and nothing gives one degree of relief. I had sphenopalatine neurolosys with phenol and that managed to numb every nerve in my face except for the one that hurts. Currently on 30MG Cymbalta to cope with the depression and 2% viscous lidocaine applied intranasally. I found a very dedicated ENT willing to think outside the box. He cut tissue connecting my nasal septum and middle turbinate and then brushed phenol on the middle turbinate. I thought I would get relief when he took the packing out but I didn't. The pain seems to be at the base of my sphenoid sinus, further up than the middle turbinate. I am going back to discuss injecting phenol and an off label use of Clarifix cryosurgery applied directly on the nerve. Any other ideas? This has ruined my life.  
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Hi, I joined this site because I came across your question in a Google search. I've had what I call neck/headaches, which spread to eyebrows, side of face and teeth and believed it is sinus related, my doctor believed the same and treated me for it. Nothing has worked, I recently had mri and ct scans because of lower back problems, I asked and he agreed to include my neck in the scans. I have two bone spurs pushing into my throat and another pushing onto my c4 root nerve. I have been going for physio on my neck, I also purchased an over a door neck tensioner, approved by my physiotherapist. The face and nasal pains have eased. Just waiting for someone to offer surgery.
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I am sorry you are dealing with this but I don’t have a clue where to begin making any further suggestions other than perhaps a huge university type hospital and some consultation with a naso-cranial surgeon/specialist before under going any more procedures. Since you don’t have a firm confirmed diagnosis and location of a specific nerve or injury - any treatments you are or have undergone is a hit or miss and unlikely to be successful until you can figure out the actual cause of the pain .
Further treatment can cause scar tissue formation on top of an already difficult to diagnose case- and further complicate successfully diagnosing/treating you and resolving the problem.
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