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neck pain

i have bulging dic my c1-c4.but latly the back of my neck feel numb and my shoulders feel like some one has there hand pressing down on them which cause funny feeling in the back of my haead what can it be
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first of all the the disc problem is not usually seen in the levels which you have mentioned .usually it occurs in c 56 level.the pain you get in shoulder area is from nerve irritation from disk prolapse.consult a doctor and do the MRI scan of cervical spine if the symptoms are severe .The medicines can relieve your pain
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It seems like you have cervical radiculopathy.

This may be treated with a combination of pain medications and physical therapy.  

Physical therapy might include gentle cervical traction, exercises, and other modalities to reduce pain.
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it's probably the disc hitting a nerve, causing your symptoms. I have a disc in my neck that "acts up", causing pretty severe pain right in the middle of my left bicep. The thing that's scary is the fact that no amount of narcotic even begins to touch this type of pain, at least for me. The only thing that tempoorarily "cure" it is simple rest. I could get a surgery, but it's still intermitten enough to not warrant any treatment. I got enough back problems to keep me busy anyway! I'd get your primary care doctor to start figuring this out just in case it starts to get any worse. You will most likely get xrays, an MRI, see a specialist, get surgery, recover fully, get married and raise a family, win the lottery and live happily ever after!  seriously, Good luck to you,
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