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need energy, just cant seem to shake this and im nauseated as all get out

im not an addict of hydrocodone. my dr gave me narcos for my wisdom tooth being pulled this is the third day. but only second time i have had  to take it. it makes me sooo tired. i have four kids. is there anything i can do to get some energy. i can barley keep my eyes open.
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If this is the third day, you may not even need pain meds any more.  I would try just taking ibuprofen or tylenol as atonicat suggested to see if that helps.  In fact, if you take one of each, you'll find you get excellent pain control.  Many dentists tell you to take both together in emergencies while you are waiting to get into the office to be seen.  As long as you don't have an allergy to either ibuprofen or acetominophen you might find that these work as well for you as the hydrocodone, in fact, even better because they won't make you nauseous.

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Have you tried maybe taking a half of one? Or maybe even just trying Tylenol or Advil instead? Maybe take something OTC during the day and take the Norco at night to help you sleep.
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