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neuropathic pain

I have posted a few questions over the past year or so and I now have a new set of problems that I know very little about.
In June somehow I lost consciousness for about 3 days. I woke up with Rhabdomylosis on my left side. This is where the tissue holding everything together sort of liquifies and your kidneys can't clean out your blood and your kidney's fail. My left leg was completely paralized for a few days and I had to go on dialysis. Thankfully the dialysis worked. I had about 20 pounds of sludge (medical term) in my left leg. The worst part was when the swelling started to dissipate. It burned so badly, I wanted to die. That took over a month. So now I have neuopathic pain from my hip to my toes. My pain doctor told me I have crush injuries. He also told the resident I have compartment syndrome. It feels like there is a tight bandage wrapped around my foot, and my whole upper leg also feels like it is bound very tighly. They are both numb on the outside and licquid fire on the inside. You can not touch the top of my foot because I will holler. Also it felt like the bone in the top of my leg was on the outside of my body. They did a small block and it is working. I still can't lie on my left side but now some mornings I actually wake up lying on my left side. After all that does anyone know about compartment syndrome and crush injuries? Will it eventully go away? My leg has actually gotten alot stronger in the past month and I can walk up and down the stairs now pretty well but I am terrified of the snow and ice. Thankfully we haven't had any real snow yet. For Montreal Canada it is almost a miracle. I also live on the side of a mountain and my street is pretty steep. I am terrified of falling. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the length of this story.
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Hi Lizzie,

It is so good to hear from you.....But OMG I am so sorry for all you have endured!! The pain sounds excruciating. Unless one has experienced the extreme burning sensations of nerve pain it is difficult to imagine. My heart goes out to you! It sounds like you are fortunate to have survived.

I am glad you have found some relief with the block. I hope your Physician will continue to help you fight this pain. Nerve Blocks can be effective as can RFA. I encourage you  to try anything offered as long as the side effects are limited and you don't find yourself in a worse situation.

Have you been on oral steroids?  Crush Syndrome and Compartment Syndrome can be very difficult to treat. I wish I had better answers or suggestions for you... I don't. But you have my best wishes and prayers. I hope you'll continue to improve and become stronger.... I am concerned that your journey may be a long one but you have come through so much at this point I hope it will be downhill from here on in.

Please keep in touch.... what we can offer you is support and a place to come for a bit of reprieve.  I'll look forward to your updates.

Warmest Wishes,

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