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new to a pain clinic

I have been batteling with lower back pain for 3 years now.I have finanly gotten a Dr. to do a MRI on my back.They did three,one of my c-spine,my thoracic spine,and lower back.They have found problems in every area.On my c-spine instead of my neck curving it just stays straight as well as there is a bulging disc,in my thoracic spine i have a curve and in my lower back I have stenosis in 5 vertabreas,arthritis where it rubbs bone on bone and degeneratie disc diseaseI have very painful muscle spasm all the time.My husband is in the army and the clinics i'm assigned to on base isn't willing to help me,I am not out seeking pain pills,I truly am in a incrediable amount of pain.This in return has resorted to having to buy pain medication off the streets.I finanly got a reffferal to a pain clinic soon.Im just wondering what I should go in there and say to get pain medication to help live a semi-normal life.Everywhere i go even with my MRI's I really dont get any help.They may prescribe me 30 percocets and expect that to last me a month when they are barley touching the pain.I feel I need something long lasting and something for break thru pain.Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to tell the Dr. so he doesnt assume I'm chasing narcotics and will finanly give me the help i've needed for so long? Thank you!
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With your MRI I would hope they would take your seriously. I don't know much about your condition but you could also ask about surgery to restore the damaged discs, surgery maybe it would be a longer term option. I am not a doctor but it might be something you could look into. i hope others on this sight who knows more about your conditions will be of more support.

Good Luck
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Hi there.  I know exactly how you feel, it is not easy to be in pain and to feel as if NO  ONE understands or will listen.  I understand why you resorted to buying pain meds on the street but please promise me you will not do that again.  It is a felony; and while there are reasons that you are doing it, if you get caught you would be incarcerated without any pain meds.  Even  though I see a pain management doctor I still have issues with them understanding how much pain I am in.  You need to take a DVD of your MRI, a copy of your report and a list of everything you have already tried, i.e., chiropracter, massage, motrin, tylenol, etc.

When is your appointment? Most doctors like it if you document and give them all the information they need.  I just know things will get better for you but hang in there you are starting a struggle where some days will be good and some will be bad.

Take care.  Joy
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Hi Trac371,

First, I want to welcome you to the PM (Pain Management) Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. We are all CP (Chronic Pain) Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues.

Wow!  I'm really sorry that you are having problems getting the help for your pain.  However, that being said, you need to quit "buying pain meds off the streets" immediately!!!!!!  Not only will you be in a load of trouble if you get caught, but what would it do to your Husband's career in the Army???  I'm very concerned about you.

You need to stop taking any type of pain meds (that weren't prescribed by your Doctor) immediately because when you get to your appointment they very well may give you a UA Test for meds.  You will not be able to get anything and will immediately get kicked out of PM (Pain Management) if you fail the test.  That would really hurt you and would go in your record.

When you go to your first appointment you do not ever ask for a specific medication.  You let the Doctor lead the way.  Just take your tests with you and let the Doctor see the results and let him/her lead the discussion.  He/She will then decide by the results of the tests, whether or not you need pain medication.  I'm really afraid that by purchasing drugs "from the street" you may have really hurt yourself by taking stronger meds than you might be prescribed by the Doctor.  If that's the case, the pills that the Doctor might be willing to give you might not work as effectively as if you had waited until you got to PM to begin taking medication for your pain.

Would you mind sharing the type of meds and the dosage that you are taking now?  This would help in determining whether or not you have any type of a chance to get what you are "buying off the streets" now.

I wish you the best and hope that you haven't hurt yourself in being able to get the help that you need and deserve.  Please keep us informed on what you find out from the PM Doctor as well as when your appointment is.  :)

I'll be watching for your updates..........Sherry  :)
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