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new to pain management clinic

I have been on 2 per day- 15mg of oxycodone for a few months from family Dr. I have had many surgeries and chronic pain. My Dr is now referring all his paitients on narcotics to a pain mng. clinic and going to be a suboxone Dr. only. I need to know what to expect and it will be 4 days Im out of medication due to the first date I could get in with them. They said they drug test. Is there anything I should be aware of before I go. Also is the drug test blood or urine? Tell me any info anyone has as to what to expect.
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Make sure that you have no other drugs in your system other than what's prescribed. I'm very suprised that your Doctor would send you to a clinc that only provides Suboxone. That is a drug basicallly for the treatment of addiction. It is not generally recommended for the use of Chronic Pain.

Good luck,
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Suboxone is prescribed for detox from various opiates.  

Most "Pain Management" docors prescribe opiates for "Chronic Pain" and if you run out of your pain meds and they are of an opiate type, you will get very ill from the withdraw of such meds. And Oxycodone is an opiate.

As long as you are only using the Oxycodone and other prescribed meds, a drug test via blood and/or urine should not be of concern.

Take care;  Sonflower

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Im sorry I think I explained it wrong, My primary dr. wont perscribe narcotics to any of his patients anymore only suboxone so that is why he referred me to a pain management clinic. He isnt suggesting suboxone for me. I was wondering if because my last appt. with him was more than a month ago and now im going to a pain clinic and have not taken any oxycodone for 4 days will the pain clinic question why i wont have any in my system? I dont want them to think why not or will they take into consideration when my last perscription was filled and i ran out?
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Hi Mollyrae;

If the Pain Clinic questions your past Oxycodone use, just explain the circumstances...  surely they will understand, if not they could call your Primary Doc to confirm.

When I began going to the Pain Management, the doctor asked me a lot of questions to regarding my pain, only so he could determine what meds where the best for me.  So the doc at the Pain Clinic that you will be going to will most likely do the same.  If they do any blood or urine test, most likely they would be check to make sure you are clean from drugs before prescribing you narcotics.

How are you feeling, not having your meds for 4 days?

Take care;  Sonflower
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Thanks for responding. I dont feel great at all. Im sore and do feel wd syptoms. Not real extream but aching legs and going to bathroom. Do I tell them this or will I look addicted? I do take valium which is perscribed to me so that helps somewhat. Thanks again.
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Is it possible that your current doctor would prescribe you just enough of the oxy's to hold you over until your appointment with the new pain doc?  That way you don't have to suffer through with the pain and possible w/d symptoms.  Not only will this make your life easier until your pain mgmt appointment, but it could also make deciding how to treat your pain easier on the new doc.  Obviously if you're having w/d symptoms when you go to the new doc, your pain levels are going to be all over the place as well as possibly irritability, etc., so it may make it a bit more difficult for the new doc to know exactly where your "normal" pain levels are so they can prescribe the appropriate medications for you.

It would be worth at least giving a call to your current doc and explain that you are only asking for a few of the oxy's - just to hold you over until your pain mgmt appointment so you're not suffereing unduly with pain and w/d.

Best of luck and let us know how things go.
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My appt. is today and the last pill i took was on May1 (Sat). I take oxyicodone 15mg 2 times per day not oxycontin. So I will just be honest with the new Dr. I never thought of calling my old Dr to hold me over. Oh well. hope all works out today thanks
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Hope all goes well with your appt. Hopefully the noew doctor will give you a thorough eval & be able to get you on the proper meds so ou can start feeling better soon. Make sure to give us an update!
Take care & God bless,
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I'm sorry - that was definitely my mistake misreading the meds you were on.  I hope the appt went/goes well today and your new doc is able to get you on a good regime of meds quickly.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing.
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Thanks for all you incouragement. My appt. went fine i had a nice dr. and I tested negative for apiotes but he understood. So in 4 days of no pills nothing showed up. He gave me what i needed but I had to sign a very strict contract. Pain m. doesnt fool around. So Im over my anxiety and can relax. Thanks everyone. Hope your all well.
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