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odd side effects for injections

So today is one week from my second lumber epidural steroid injection. I have had NO relief, if anything its worse. I do understand that happens..what i am confused about are some of the other new issues..first off..NIGHT SWEATS from H*%L!! I am 29 in august..so very unlikely to be from menOpause..they are so bad i wake up 20+x a night drenched and freezing! also..has anyone ever had the steroids effect your period? i am on birth control so my cycle is pretty regular.. but this month its 4 days late! my SO and i have not been intImate and like i said I am on BC..so this is very odd! am i just an odd ball or has anyone else gone thru this too?
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I had about 6-8 lumbar epidurals at UCSF about 10 yrs, ago. I finally stopped because they NEVER worked, not even the temporary relief they insisted I must have had due to the lidocaine before! NADA! When one of the doctors, (I had a different one every visit!), gave me a "Saddle Block!" I quit! I urinated all over the car on my drive hime, (I wasn't driving!),When I called the Doctor to report the accident, he literally denied it! He insisted HE DID NOT DO IT WRONG! It was incredible, and I cancelled all future visits, even though I was going to anyway, since they did NOTHING! Now my "NEW" dr. wants to try them again, and I will refuse, but it is too much, it is an ego thing with the Doctors, they are infallible! I didn't have any other reactions from the epidurals, but in fact had NO results at all! I would see a family Dr., because the doctors giving the epidurals seem to have a god complex!  See your regular doctor, your symptoms don't sound right. Steroids cause a LOT of reactions, usually BAD! So may be that. Steroids caused my 6 yr. old to enter puberty during Decadron treatments, but he was on MASSIVE doses! He began getting erections, and looking at Victorias Secret! (the closest thing to girly magazines I HAD!). He eventually had a psychoses from the steroids, and I can't bear to look at pictures of him during this period! He gained about 30+ lbs in a second! And was hostile, and talked in rhyme, and FINALLY, after telling his oncologist daily how creepy he was feeling, I took him to UCSF and he saw another- younger oncologist, took one look at him, (I had told him about the erections), and he was removed instantly! He WAS psychotic, from the steroids! I never allowed him to use them for his treatment again. He was going to die anyway, why make him suffer just to prolong his life. Remember this, the doctors ONLY take into account the statistics, unless you have a doctor who cares about YOU! Insist on tests UNTIL they come up with something that makes sense to YOU!
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I'm on oral steroids right now and I have major hot flashes. I'm going thru ivf so I know I'm not menopausal. Dh is shivering and I'm sweating. It's definetly the steroids. I had three sets of epidurals without relief and needed surgery on my back anyways three times. Hope you get to feeling better!
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I am glad to hear i am not alone, but sad that that means others are miserable too! :( i went in yesterday cuz the pain is so bad and lack of sleep too..they insist i get #3 on Monday(yay pain for the holiday) changed much gabapentin for cymbalta but have to wait for insurance to approve>:( gave me a tens unit and said i should wear a brace(luckily a friend had a really good one) and best yet, have passed me on to a surgeon! so i guess its wait and see what the surgeon suggests:/ i am just so anxious for any relief and to get off pain meds! not looking forward to next injection tho..these side effects aren't worth it abduction i have received NO relief! good luck to everyone!
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Just really make sure surgery is the right option for you. I had 3 opinions all pointing to surgery but am no better after the 2nd and 3rd surgery. Once you have some of these surgeries there's no going back and nothing else they can do. That's where I'm at now with a lumbar fusion. And honestly the same surgeon did all three of my surgeries and the first one was successful. Now even if something else could be done I wouldn't let anyone touch my back.
It's a 50/50 chance of success so make sure the benefits outweigh the risks for you and best of luck!
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I am sorry to hear they were unsuccessful for you:( i have friends and family that have had a mix of results also. i believe they are referring ne to look at some of the less invasive options..my mother has had a procedure where they go in and use heat to try and trim off the bulging portions of the discs .she's was able to put off her fusion 3 years with that.. so i am right now aiming to hear all options till i am happy with a plan of action..and in the mean time hopefully find a med combo that manages this better..because i have been getting progressively worse..even managed to tear my ankle after a fall off stairs when i couldn't tell my foot wasn't where i thought it was :/
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