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pain and burning

why do I have burning and discomfort in my left shoulder when I use my right arm or hand
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I t could be due to a nerve and or disk problem in your neck. An orthopeadic doctor could schedule an MRI to check.
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Hi Squirley,

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There are multiple reasons that you could be experiencing burning and discomfort. Burning pain is usually indicative of nerve involvement.

You've provided very little information and I would not be comfortable speculating the cause.
How long have you experienced these symptoms? Is this related to an injury? Do you have any numbness or tingling in your hands or fingers. What makes your symptoms worse...and what, if anything makes it better? Does this always happen, even with light use of your shoulder? What part of the shoulder does the pain seem to originate?  

I do encourage you to consult your PCP. A good clinical evaluation will tell you if imaging is indicated. I wish you the best.

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I have the same thing due to falling over a year ago and what the neurologist found was that I have what they call C5 Radiculopathy which is a nerve that is being pushed on that is in my neck by swelling and the fact that I have sever degeneration in my spine in the cervical region.My suggestion would be to contact a neurologist or talk to your family doctor about getting you in to see one.They will be able to do nerve conduction tests to find any nerve that might be under pressure from something that cant be seen on an x-ray.The extreme cold makes the nerve pain worse in my neck,head and shoulder all the way down to my fingers.The feeling is like being pricked by a thousand needles and feels like I am standing by a bon fire,with cramping and muscle spasms,numbness.If this sounds like anything that you might be going through,you ought to go see your family doctor like I said.There could be a underlying problem that you have had for years and now has gotten to the point that you are systematic now.
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